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    Suffered a very bad burn on my left thumb while blowing out the gas in the snowblower for the end of season. Very stupid move touching the muffler by mistake, I heard my skin sizzle out loud before I even felt anything. And I JUST made some hopeful arrangements for big band and music theater jobs this summer or fall.

    I remember my classical guitar teacher once said, "Try playing everything WITHOUT your left thumb for a while, just your fingers. It's hard, but it will lighten your left hand technique, and you will learn to use less pressure." We shall see.

    Oh No!  Left thumb injury.-burn1-jpg


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    Ouch! I hope that heals quickly!

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    Life steps in on a guitarist's hands (and fingers) from time. Hope you recover quickly!

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    I hope it is just a temporary superficial injury. You wouldn't want anything to happen to your thumb tendon. Good luck with the recovery!

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    geez Woody, isn't this the second hand injury as of late?

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    See a doc to find out if it's serious. OUCH!!!

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    Look on the bright side. Your life as a criminal has just begun.

    Sorry, I hope you can heal up in good shape soon.

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    I saw snow blower in your post and my mind jumped to the much worse things that could have happened.

    That said serious burns are no joke and quite hard to heal properly. Get a doctors guidance on healing it correctly and quickly. Your teachers suggestion will cover your playing for a while...

    Heal fast!