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    *This post is a follow up of the thread: Does having lots of mercury affect creativity?

    *After I made the mercury thread, my improvisation continued to trend in a downward spiral.

    *One thing is for sure, I didn't want 2021 to be another bye year for improvisation.

    *Then all of a sudden my mom said she is willing to support me financially for my next move.

    *Then I grabbed my iphone and began searching for an improvisation teacher specifically for metal guitar.

    *Long story short, I found the teacher and I will start as early as next week.

    *I just like to share this story, because never in my life I had formal training or lessons for guitar improvisation.

    *I am very positive that all the best soloists had a formal training of some sort with guitar improvisation.

    *I.e. Kirk Hammett of Metallica took lessons with Joe Satriani and the rest was history

    *i.e. Buckethead took lessons with Paul Gilbert and a bunch of other satellite lessons.

    *While a large scope of great guitarists are self-taught, it's about time that I have conceded and realized that I needed some help and assistance. The way I learn things, I do need an assistance of a teacher.

    *While building my ears is still the end goal for my improvisation. A fraction of work has been shaved down with formal training in improvisation.

    *A good example of this was my confusion with music theory. There was a time and day, where I was highly confused with music theory, then one day I found that effective teacher. And today I know jazz theory inside and out. This shows that I am not a stubborn mule and that I can be corrected and I am highly teachable.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! I found having a teacher will really kick your studies into high gear. I hope it's a good fit

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    excellent dude
    what a great mom you have

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu
    excellent dude
    what a great mom you have
    Only time will tell. Often such situations lead to more idleness. Less gets done. More free time, leads to more wasted time.

    (like my typing this bull at this site instead of working on how to use inversions seamlessly).

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    My takeaways on my first lesson:

    *My brand new teacher went online right on time.

    * Addressed holes in my playing technique.

    * Taught me a brand new way to visualize the fretboard (getting rid of cliché CAGED shapes and boxed patterns) (mind blowing)

    * Taught me 5 string sweeps on the first lesson (my other teacher never taught me 2 string arpeggios until a couple of years later)

    * Taught me to build speed on the guitar like I'm building speed on the violin (not too much metronome) (mind blowing too)

    * taught me a sequential pattern that's going to lead to improvisation.

    * He's not as tech savvy as my other teacher from Rhode Island, but I am learning more from my brand new teacher than when I was under a different regime.

    * The teacher's lesson is also at a reasonable rate and he lives in Manhattan.

    * Technically, I still have to pay for the lesson on my credit card, because of the Canada - US thing. But my mom will pay me back afterwards.

    * This means I have brand new material on the wood shed tomorrow.

    Tell me what you people on this forum think of these development of events?

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    sounds like a great teacher ....

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    Sounds like a good fit. Mainly, he is aligned with your goals (shred, not Charlie Christian).

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    sounds great, whos the teacher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzgtrl4
    sounds great, whos the teacher?
    Rob Sbar