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    For those interested in an amazing concert from 1997 with Tal Charlie and Herb - click the link below. Some of the best interplay I’ve ever seen. I loved Tal’s version of Embraceable You starting at 34:00 - he plays these beautiful harmonics off the fingerboard - just amazing talent.

    These guys just heat up the stage -

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    I enjoy all combinations of The Great Guitars. I haven't heard one that wasn't first-rate. Fortunately all that I know of include Charlie Byrd, who had more swing than any guitarist I've ever heard. He could play.

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    Thank you for posting this video of Tal. Herb. & Charlie Byrd, fabulous stuff. The Blue Skies song
    sung by Charle B, with the harmonics picking by Tal , and solo by Herb , was outstanding.
    A very good thing that we have Videos and their recordings to remind us of how good they all
    were. IIRC Herb along with Joe Pass visited my late Tutor here . and I got to hear them and
    saw Tal on a gig here in the UK in 1983 (?) on a later visit again at the Pizza Express Jazz venue
    a soft spoken very nice guy , and the very first Jazz Guitarist I ever heard as a young lad.
    Charlie joked " eat your heart out GB " but he"s no slouch either.