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    Here's a non-jazz school assignment I did a while back. Requirements: Two and a half minutes of country guitar playing, pretty broad. Playing everything but drums. The electric is my Reverend Eastsider S, a nice three pickup Tele-style ax made for Pete Anderson (I also have an Eastsider T that I picked up later - a two pickup Tele-type).

    Reverend Guitars - Pete Anderson Eastsider S

    Reverend Guitars - Pete Anderson Eastsider T

    NOT JAZZ: Telecasters - they're not just for jazz anymore!-5a329bc249520e00017fdbae_ess_blk_main_r-png

    NOT JAZZ: Telecasters - they're not just for jazz anymore!-5a32beebc821c5000163261c_est_blk_main_r-png
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    Sounds great and sounds like country.

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    That sounds really good! I listened to a Pete Anderson interview on YT recently and really enjoyed it. Its not easy to move to a major music city like LA and achieve success but he had a plan and stuck with it. Of course he had to meet Dwight or it would not have worked so well. Red Volkaert has a fairly new show on YT thats kind of like an old country TV show. For me he is the Gold Standard of modern country pickin plus he sings too!He and Johnny Hiland have moved to Virginia. Those major music cities get old somtimes,too. Both are available for Skype lessons. I dont know how a person can do any better than them! I was gonna advise you to move to Nashville but I heard thats the city that you have to put an ad in the paper " Man Wanted Who Does Not Play Guitar!" Ha Ha ! Good Pickin !

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    I love this kind of stuff.