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    Watched these on the tube today and was moved by them. No jazz but one of my many previous home towns!


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    Well, Happy New Year from Edinburgh! Believe me, none of that actually happened. I saw one firework, followed by silence. All partying had been banned. But we must be positive on this day, and surely the coming year will be better, much better than the last!

    Best wishes to all jazzguitar.be members!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop

    Best wishes to all jazzguitar.be members!
    Back at you Rob and everybody else!

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    G’day Rob

    It may have not happened as depicted but the producers made it plain that the drone footage was shot in the highlands and then superimposed. Still great images and sentiments and in keeping with the Edinburgh ethos that the facade is what counts as shown by developments around the Royal Mile. I feel I can say that as someone who started work at Veitch Moir’s in Gullan Close as a 13 year-old and later at Girdwood’s in St Mary Street.

    I more than likely also walked past your new home sixty years or so ago when I roamed around from Crammond to Fife.

    All the best for the New Year



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    well played ! I mean they are remarkable. I'm so impressed right now. you should be so talented to have these ideas in your head . you seem like a person who has a free spirit. you might want to take the attachment style test to know for sure and what's the harm in it right ?
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