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    Truefire has their All Access One Year pass on sale for $99 USD

    Unlimited streaming access to the entire course library for the LOWEST PRICE EVER!

    Lock in the annual plan for just $99/year, which is $150 off the usual price of $249.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thank you for the heads up!

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    You're welcome.

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    Just out of principle I'm going to mention this every time Truefire comes up.

    I've stopped shopping there ever since they where hacked a while back, which ended with my credit card being abused twice for 1000€. I mean shit happens, so that is not my issue with them.

    My issue is that despite knowing of the hack they didn't react, didn't tell their customers .. I read about it online a couple of months later when the damage had been done and it was not before 12 months later that I got a actual letter in the mail from Truefire that I maybe should consider closing my credit card as Truefire had been hacked. A mail 12 months earlier would have been much more appropriate. (I mean sending me a mail about all their current sales once a week seems to be no problem )

    So I've decided not to give them any more of my business despite earlier probably being one of their best customers.

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    I have found that if you are currently an all access subscriber you can still take advantage of this deal. Doing so will add an additional year to your subscription.