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    George Gruhn needs no introduction - he is arguably the Worlds foremost authority on vintage guitars and other stringed instruments. This video was just posted on You Tube and it describes a recent acquisition of a Loyd Loar L5. But more importantly - it portrays a mans feeling towards this particular guitar. We are all in search of the sound - and George Gruhn just found his 6 string soul mate.

    Here is the link-


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    George had his first Loar for a number of years and then his favorite was a '28 for quite awhile.
    Looks like he's back to a Loar for good. Having owned over 25% of the ones ever signed is really something, most dealers have never even seen one come through their shop let alone owned one.
    Whenever he plays these 16" dot necks he usually plays a lot of first position folk or country tunes, but if you've ever owned one they are so dynamic they can literally be used for any style. Barney Kessel had a pair that he used in the studios forever.

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    I absolutely love listening to George. He’s truly no nonsense and clearly knows the difference between facts and opinion. He’s also very available to anyone who has questions. He currently has an “ask George” recurring video series posted to YouTube as well.

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    thanks for that..great vid..gruhn is such a treasure

    and happy b-day to him!!


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    I bought my first D'angelico Excel from George in 1980. It was a blond excel from 1953. Nice guitar wish I had but traded for a New Yorker. George sometimes gets flack from folks because he is straight up and does things his own way. He has always been very nice to me and if I ever go by his shop and stop in, always invited to play whatever guitar I would like. I remember once going through a few years later and he let me roam all around the shop and go up to the repair place and in general just hand around.

    I had my 1949 New Yorker with me once and showed it to him just because I did not want to leave it in car, not to sell or get appraise. He was taken by it and remarked what a nice sound it had and if I ever wanted to sell it let him know. Well I still have the guitar and normally George makes very little reference to sound of a particular guitar, as he knows sound is in the beholders ear. But when he says a guitar sounds good you can bet it does and this Loar my guess is THE ONE.

    Thanks QAMAN George is a treat he is so right on about guitars! He is always very humble about his own playing.

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    Well, we need more of that in the world. Nice guy, nice playing, great guitar. Makes me happy that sometimes the right guitar lands in the hands of the right person.