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    Hi Nylon players ,

    i don't really play nylon seriously ....
    mainly just an archtop with a pick
    and heavy flat wound strings with a medium action

    I bought a cheap classical student type guitar
    from a charity shop for £15 (! Bargain ) just for fun
    (the fingerboard feels about a mile w i d e to me !)

    It needs strings ,
    What would be a good set to put on there
    for a novice like me ?

    many thanks


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    do you like hard or soft or standard tenssion of strings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kris
    do you like hard or soft or standard tenssion of strings?
    no idea ....

    I play TI 13 jazz swings on my 24.75" arch-top ....

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    D'Addario normal tension.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave70
    D'Addario normal tension.
    these ?

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    I use those but the lightest tension, since I am not playing acoustic concerts and don't need to project to fill a hall. I think heavier strings tend to have a stronger fundamental and less emphasis on overtones. I like 11-50 steel strings on most of my guitars.

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    Pyramid Classical Guitar Nylon/Silver-plated Copper on Nylon, 340 200

    would these be ok ?

    bearing in mind
    i just want to play a couple of Beatles tunes
    ’and i love her’ type of thing

    no actual classical rep

    and I don’t want to spend
    too much dough ....

    if i end up digging it i might get myself a
    narrower neck hybrid type nylon

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu
    Good strings.

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    You might want to consider starting with a soft tension string not normals, just to let your fingers get used to the very different feel on a classical guitar. Helps you develop the softer touch a classical guitar wants rather than the touch our archtops call for.

    In my new classical students, I find typically they’ve played guitar of some other style and tried to ‘just pick up’ classical. Of course that gives me extra income in undoing the roadblocks they’ve encountered, but that’s not fair is it. One of my profs advised me ‘approach the classical guitar as a completely different instrument’. She was spot on there. is a great learning tool. Jason Vieux, excellent teacher, does the classical section. For the price of one book you can go in there, take the basic intro lessons for a month, and get great guidance on left/right positions and the cancel your subscription as you wish. (I have no association there other than having used it.)

    Good luck and have fun with it.

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    Thx everyone !