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    This has nothing to do with jazz or guitar. But it is kinda catchy, made me laugh, and summed up how I think a lot of people are feeling about this year.

    There is some profanity. It's three young women singing harmony.

    Maybe this will make some of you laugh. Lord knows we need some this year.

    TikTok (until it's taken down): TikTok

    Instagram: https://bit.ly/2NFBV0H

    I heard about this through Bob Lefsetz's free music industry newsletter, just fyi. Often a good read. I think I read that it got 4 million hits first day up. Trending, as they say.
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Dude, you don't know how appreciated that laugh is. Thanks, bud.

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    I certainly agree with the sentiment...

    And I thought years past were bad for various reasons...yes it can get worse...

    Sort of off-topic point, I thought TikTok had to be 10 seconds or less? Like Vine?

    I was camping in the Black Hills last week, and at the campground there was a guy nicknamed TikTok Dad (it was on his car) who made a bunch of really short TikTok videos while we were there. Nothing too clever, just backward video tricks and his kids running around with funny masks on.

    I didn't have a chance to ask him if he made real money on this. If he said yes, I might be tempted to quit my day job and make goofy videos all day.

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    Thanks, Flat! I needed that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Jeff

    Sort of off-topic point, I thought TikTok had to be 10 seconds or less? Like Vine?
    According to my teenage daughter, they can be 15 seconds to a minute long.

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    Btw, can any of you guys who know about recording techniques tell me...

    When the trio hits their first harmony notes (on "2020 gonna be my year, (sic) beaches") the harmony has a really nice blend. Very sweet to my ears. But it's a bit too smooth and ethereal to be natural, unless they are really good singers.

    Are they using auto-tune to get this blend? Can you tell?
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