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    in the last day or so, my left hand knuckles have been feeling a bit stiff. It's not like I've been playing a lot, and hour or 2 tops in any given day.
    I have been playing flatop acoustic more, and material with a fair amount of barre chords. I'm not used to needing time off, even recently I was doing 2 hr big band rehearsals no problem. If anything, my fingertips would get sore before my hand stiffened.

    I'm wondering if I should lay off the acoustic, play something easy like a Tele, and take a day or 2 off?


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    You should always listen to your body. Sometimes a couple of days off is a good thing. You don't mention your age, but frequently those of us who are chronologically challenged - in other words, we have had lots of birthdays - will develop age related symptons from overuse. But it can also happened to younger players as well. If I were you, I'd take a few days off, apply ice or a moist heat whichever feels better and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, seek medical advice. Good luck and feel better.

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    Soak your hands and wrists in very cold water for 3 minutes then very warm water for 3 minutes. Before or after playing, they will feel better and to some extent, get better. Take a day off and soak cold/hot several times, see how you feel a day or two later. The soaking thing is from Rich Severson.

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    NEVER play through pain.

    Your musicianship is in your head, not your fingers. If your fingers, hands, or wrists hurt, take a few days off and fill your head with the music you want to play when you get back to it.

    Playing through pain tends to aggravate the original injury. Don't do it.