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    Hi All

    Been reading this site on and off over the last couple years and have found lots of useful information and interesting discussions. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a similar forum for jazz piano. Piano in general seems so much broader a topic of study that its really hard to sift through all of the not so good forums and sources online. Anyone out there no of any that are up to the caliber of this website's forums?

    Thanks In Advance


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    A few years ago ( maybe 5 or 6) Piano World was the closest I found (not very close for jazz, though.) I subscribed for a few months but then dropped it as it was mostly classical players and teachers exchanging ideas about how to get new students. At least that was my experience back then.

    Please post if you do find a jazz keyboard site as I sure would like to check it out!

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    You could perhaps start a sub forum here? I imagine there are a good few piano players among us.

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    There's probably a jazz piano subreddit on Reddit