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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57

    You are now an Amway Sales Person, Studio Engineer, Computer Specialist who also plays guitar at least enough to get by.
    That does seem to be the case. At least us amatures don't have to do the Amway Sales Person bit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzkritter
    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”
    my mom was pretty smart.
    I'm glad my guitar teacher didn't follow this advise.

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    Isn’t that why most of us are here, to learn how to sound better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bornot2bop
    Isn’t that why most of us are here, to learn how to sound better?
    Not me, I came for the free food and drinks.

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    Say only Nice Things! Wouldn't that be lovely, no negative or critique!

    My question then is why when someone points out the truth, the audience mostly can't handle it?
    I'm not making these facts up folks. Any older professional in any job will tell you their personal experiences.

    Just cause you decided to play dress up Jazz Guitarist or whatever does not automatically qualify ones credentials or abilities.
    It's hard ass work, unless you're a gifted musician to begin with like Pat Metheny or Pat Martino maybe.

    And actually making a living at playing music involves a lot more than playing an instrument. It involves a whole lot of sacrifice for most people.
    So walking in a musicians or artist's shoes is not for most people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57
    ... or whatever does not automatically qualify ones credentials or abilities.
    Right .. That is determined by whether people want to hire you or not

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    I do get a lot of requests but I play on anyway.

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    Actually music isn't hired, it's entertainment. And there in lies the problem.

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    I don't have a lot of talent but through working at things I can play a few things for sure. I could not sit in at a club in New York and play a few standards without getting real worried, and I have played for 47 years. I just love jazz and jazz guitar sound. I love archtop guitars and mostly drawn to the acoustic archtop. These days I find my taste in what I like to listen to much different that when I was in college and playing and teaching guitar. Back then I had 30 students a week and practiced hours at a time and had a few gigs for sure.

    I never as such played music that was popular like classic rock ( I love it), some good older country music. I mostly just listened to jazz and was trying to figure a way to be a bebop wizard on the guitar. I realized that was not going to happen at least like all my hero's. I still played and enjoy what I can and I got very involved in repairing guitars and guitar construction. I like that as well as playing them in fact. But today I find myself listening more to poetic melodic players like Paul Desmond and Chet Baker. I dig Pat Martino mowing down changes on Lazy Bird and Oleo but after awhile I find going to Kenny Burrell and listening to The Tender Gender, seems at least I listen more. I use to think it all had to be complex and moving all around the fingerboard. Well I have learned 2 things. I not talented as such but I know what sounds good and is done well. Even non talented guitarist can sometime get to that point..........and someone enjoys the music. That is my goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57 View Post
    Beaubs , are you buying drinks or paying these guys to gig with you,LOL !
    Ironically, we needed a place to practice and my house was in a very general location - so I cleared the basement, bought a drum set (so the drummer didn't have to lug his kit with him), bought a bass amp (so the bassist didn't have to lug his amp with him), bought a p.a. (so we had a good mix) and asked my wife to serve snacks and wine. I am not 100% sure but this may be the primary reason they put up with my less than stellar guitar abilities.