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    At 68 turning 69 this year on March 29th I went to the hospital with shortness of breath, mild cough and sore throat without fever, actually 2 degrees BELOW normal. As a precaution they admitted me and held me for two days, did the expected test regimen (heart, lungs, blood) including COVID.

    The shortness of breath, lasted all of two to three days, and I was self imprisoned at home since then :-) Actually I had observed self isolation several days before the onset of my symptoms AND used a mask and distance with family members who are still not showing symptoms and are getting tested.Today I got confirmation I "tested presumptive positive" and tests are being forwarded to CDC for possible verification and data collection.

    As yet, I have not been given further "discontinuance of Transmission-Based Precautions" not having been cleared but I suspect due to the nature of my symptoms which were "mild" by all accounts I do not expect to be in self imposed isolation much longer.

    Since I've not read it, I'm wondering if other members have been tested positive, or are waiting for results after experiencing ominous symptoms.


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    Hope you get well soon, Gary. So far I've been good....

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    Best wishes to you & yours, G-man.

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    Man, sorry to hear, but glad you are doing better.

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    We think our son might have had it, he doesn’t often get ill but he had a really high temperature for a few days (fortunately no cough though). This was before the lockdown started and he had been out with friends in London a couple of times.

    So we locked him in his room for 7 days, and we stayed indoors for 14 days. He is fine now. He is very fit though, does a lot of walking and cycling.

    Luckily my wife and I did not get it (or at least no symptoms if we did!).

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    Hello Gary:

    Hope you're back in action soon. I had pneumonia (I'm 72) and sepsis this past November/December so I'm stuck at home on MD's orders until the smoke clears so to speak.

    Tony D.

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    Godspeed, Gary.
    Thanks again for the gigbag!
    Donna says hi.
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    thanks for your testimony gnappl

    hope you have a full recovery

    i have lingering impresions me and my family got it in late january early febuary, i talked about it on another thread , but my big red light was i had a major taste issue, a huge one .

    it was certainly worse than the normal cold . my wife had the worst cough and was really weak , my son had huge abnormal sweat we sluffed off as tropical heat and the body fighting the cold

    i can only wait until they let me get the antibodies test where i live , they only do it for health care workers and people with symtons

    id really like to know, i also hope since you have it, they say it makes you immune from this mutation, im sure there will be a new mutation and new shot every year once they get it

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    God be with you, amigo!

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    Gary, wishing you all the best for a speedy and complete recovery for whatever bug/virus, etc. has you feeling under the weather. These days we cannot take any chances...especially at OUR age.

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    I hope you and all our friends who have gotten the virus make a speedy recovery.

    I won’t bore you with details, but the test, as is the case with all medical tests, has certain peculiarities that must be accounted for. It is extremely specific if there’s any possibility of COVID at all—if it’s positive it’s positive—but it’s not as sensitive as one would like. It has been estimated to be only 70-80% sensitive in the real world.

    What that means is that it may miss some people with COVID, i.e., false negatives.

    If you are at high probability for COVID, i.e., living in or travel to an area with a lot of infectious cases, exposure to persons with COVID, etc., and you have typical symptoms, you probably have COVID. A positive test confirms that of course, but a negative test has at least a 75% chance of being wrong. (I could show you the math if you’re interested.) You need to self-quarantine for at least a week or 3 days after resolution of fever, whichever is longer.

    This is sure a crazy thing we’re dealing with. We were hoping to be in Jamaica or someplace warm this time of the year, but instead we’re stuck in the house like hamsters in a cage. (By the way the German word for binge-buying in anticipation of a catastrophe is Hamsterkaufen.)

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    Pretty sure my duo partner and his wife both had it in January. Both will be doing antibody testing as soon as available. Fortunately, the hall where we play is owned by a hospital system and was closed immediately so we're getting a furlough for the duration. I'm 74 and 100% VA disabled including a couple things that put me at high risk so we're staying in and having groceries delivered. Hope it's over soon but not taking any chances. I am running out of woodworking and leatherworking projects, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Jeff
    we’re stuck in the house like hamsters in a cage. (By the way the German word for binge-buying in anticipation of a catastrophe is Hamsterkaufen.)
    True and there's a joke going 'round here that doesn't translate properly into english so I'm using the german term:

    "I don't know what this is all about this "Hamsterkaufen" - I bought a couple myself and still don't know what to do with 'em now..."

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    Best wishes Gary.

    On March 14th I got a call notifying me that someone who examined me at my eye doctor's office in Boston on March 3rd had tested positive. I reconsidered what I thought to be low grade flu-like symptoms of the previous week. Since I had no fever, I was not eligible for one of the tests in limited supply. Now out of quarantine, on the rare occasion of leaving the house I hide my face with a bandana mask and look much like a bank robber in an old western film.

    I look forward to the day we have proactive and wide spread testing. It would be helpful to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOMMO
    True and there's a joke going 'round here that doesn't translate properly into english so I'm using the german term:

    "I don't know what this is all about this "Hamsterkaufen" - I bought a couple myself and still don't know what to do with 'em now..."
    I prefer to squirrel stuff away myself....

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    Great that your symptoms were fairly mild. Most cases are, but you are obviously in a high risk category due to age (as am I).

    Your plasma is now in high demand!

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    I signed up to donate "Convalescent plasma" I understand AB+ is most needed for patients in SERIOUS danger as my blood plasma is universal. Something to think about.

    BTW. Down here all you have to show is symptoms like cough, sore throat, and exposure to someone who tested +, NOT necessarily fever. Of course being in a higher risk category 65+ like my GF who was tested yesterday. The open air test facility was EMPTY.

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    Wishing you the best with a quick recovery Gary. I’m in the NY area and it’s very bad.

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    BTW, for any JGO members "at risk" who are in a 25 mile radius of North Broward county Florida (roughly Ft. Lauderdale to Boynton beach or a bit more) I will pickup and deliver groceries that you order online. Since I'm past the infectious stage (symptoms ceased 3/30) and am considered recovered there is no risk :-)

    PM me for info.
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