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    (Instrumental music) (not covers or interpretations, just original compositions)
    (I preffer music where the guitar in on front, I like clean guitar, could be acoustic too, but im not a fan of the "fingerstyle" genre)

    Different compared to what ? I know this is a jazz forum, but in this case im not looking for jazz, but I think jazz players are very open, and the technique they use is elevated (a thing that i like).

    Im not into rock, distorision, fuzz faces, and any of that, but yes into effects like phaser and etc. I mostly preffer to listen clean guitars.

    Mostly im looking for guitar music, but if have none guitar or other instruments could be ok too. Im not into fusion music, I dont like funk either.

    Do you have something in mind ?

    Note: looooong time since i dont listen a well recorded album.
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Granted this album is not representative of most of Opeth’s work, it may be worth a try. Opeth - Damnation (Full Album) - YouTube

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    Different you say

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    Quote Originally Posted by fep
    Different you say

    Thanks, but Im talking more about a different style of music, that is just a cover of Cheek to cheek, a super known and million times recorded song, in a very classic way, just with a different instrument.

    But thanks for the time to post !

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    Maybe something like this:

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    California Guitar Trio.

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    I doubt if there is anything really different. To be honest.

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    Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint? It’s all electric guitars.

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    Anthony Wilson - Seasons:

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    Not guitar, but....

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    Here’s an instrumental with clean guitars:

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    This is a nice refreshing combination of a great jazz rhythm section with a great oud player. Beautifully recorded.

    Blue Maqams by Anouar Brahem on Spotify

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    Thanks all for take the time to reply.

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    Young 27 yr old. Carrying the bluegrass tradition forward. Adds a twist with his new release. Very different, very cool. Haven't heard it yet but was told whole album is killer.

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    You want different?

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    Ichika Nito

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmuller
    Young 27 yr old. Carrying the bluegrass tradition forward. Adds a twist with his new release. Very different, very cool. Haven't heard it yet but was told whole album is killer.

    So far this is what I like most of the all vids in the topic. Not dig much the distorted guitar, but gonna check his other songs.

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    Whoops! I posted the wrong one before. Try it and wait for it. It’s not what you expect. Think more a la James P. Johnson.

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    From a guitar player

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    I was going to create a new topic for the same of this one, so... i preffer just relive this.

    I actually im not looking for something very "different", I want something with guitar: clean or acoustic (not flat-top, acoustic archtop or other kinds but not flat-tops).

    Music, that is not jazz, but have a good use of technique, and music that cant be clasified in a previous genre, not something to say "oh, thats bossa nova" or "oh, thats...".

    I like calm and chill music (not chill jazz fusion !!).

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    Not strictly guitar but guitar is well-represented in Ted Gioia's lists of 100 best albums each year going back to 2011. His lists range from jazz to everything else. Search for yourself, it'll broaden your musical horizons. An excellent way to spend time while avoiding work: The 100 Best Recordings of 2019