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    I just tried a pack of Newtone Masterclass (single wrap) PB strings on my archtop for acoustic playing. I love the sound. But I initially found the intonation way off. My guitar had been set up with Martin PB strings and the intonation had been excellent. I did some internet searching and found complaints about Newtone intonation. But I suspected some info was missing. I then read that round core strings are slightly more flexible than hex-core strings. I reasoned that this would result in flatter notes all over the neck and that the bridge would need to be moved towards the head on the bass side. So I moved it and saw from marks on the top that I had returned the bridge to where it was when I first bought the instrument. Then I remembered that the guitar came with Thomastik Bebop strings. I looked them up and they have a round core. I seem to have the intonation right now, though I'm sure my repair guy (Bill Tippin of Tippin Guitars) would get it exactly right.

    So as a newcomer to archtops and the strings people use on them, I'm checking here if my understanding about round core vs hex core and intonation is correct. Thanks.


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    Multiple things affect intonation. String gauge is a definite factor, as is the winding alloy, action height, among others. I don't think I would say that hex or round core always has the same effect with every string. IME the gauge of the core has more effect than whether there are tiny corners, although that does affect the overall string gauge. I always recheck the intonation if I change to a different set, whether it's just a different size, or different alloys. Sometimes the bridge needs to be moved one way, sometimes the other. I just set it where it needs to be for those strings, at that action height.
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