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    As always hard to describe what kind of music want to listen using words.

    Im looking for an agrupation, something with melody, I like solos too, but its not the main thing Im looking now.

    Something like a big band, not really bebop, or at least the classic old school bebop (I listened every Gillespie music already).

    Something nice to hear.

    At least post 50s music

    I put a video (second video), kind of an example, because im looking something more soft and this is a very punchy and cuban like song, but, this kind of big band, but any recomendation is well taken, but not looking something like this (*the first video):

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    What about something earlyer like Artie Shaw. Gene Krupa.

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    Perhaps browse Youtube for individual artists because they get joined-up with various outfits for differing projects.

    To me good names are: Wayne Bergeron, Arturo Sandoval, Tine Ting Helseth, Paquito D'Rivera, Dan Higgins.

    You might find Classical efforts with some of these too.

    Great tone from a wind instrument is truly a joyful thing.

    Good luck!

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    Carla Bley’s ”Social Studies” is a good big band album in avant-garde style. Another alternative is Barney Kessel’s ”Bossa Nova”, even if it’s of course more guitar and pop oriented.
    Have I found it yet? I said that but I didn’t knew it. Did I knew that I had found it yet? No, it wasn’t what I was looking for. Nevermind. Ok.

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    "Don't worry about that. Everybody talks about finding your voice. Do your homework and your voice will find you." - Branford Marsalis

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    Thanks for the replies, gonna be checking them.

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    I think you'd like The Beau Hunks Saxophone Soctette.

    Also, since this is a guitar forum, I recommend the album "The Complete Standard Transcriptions" by George Barnes. It's got some great wind arrangements, with tasty George Barnes guitar throughout.