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    I've been riding from age 13 or so, using my sister's scooter in the mountains upstate New York. It's been 55 years + in the saddle and I've never been down, no small feat riding full time 250+ miles per week to my last jobs 11+ years not including riding everywhere else.

    Since then I've had mostly go fast crotch rocket type Japanese bikes from Yamaha and Honda. Friends who ride cruisers goof on my "rice burner" and some even go so far as to call me unpatriotic (funny they drive Asian cars) not riding American iron.

    So who else rides? Can you have just one bike? Not me :-) Currently I have a Honda CBR-1100XX blackbird and a Honda VF-750 which are both 4 cylinder models.



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    Got my first job to buy my first motorcycle so I could ride it at the age of 15 years, 7 months, my state's legal limit at the time.

    I own a '06 Triumph T100.

    It has been "out of service" for a while (sorta like me) but I have not given up on riding again.

    Thanks for the thread celebrating scooters!

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    Ducati Multistrada
    Ducati Monster s2r 1000
    Yamaha FJR 1300

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    Um no not since the 70's. I had a small Benelli as my first, then a Yamaha 60 then a Yamaha 100. They were strictly for trail riding.

    I hear they are somewhat collectible today.

    My sister is a Harley gal, but I get my air-in-the-face kicks with a 4-wheeled convertible.
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    I still ride weekly my 1980' Triumph Bonneville (T140E).
    I bought it new and it never let me down!

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    Motorcyclists here?-153-5318_img-jpg
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    Is that an H2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 339 in june View Post
    Motorcyclists here?-153-5318_img-jpg
    Aaah... Those monsters of yesterdays still hit the roads today! I remember the permanent contest between european and japanese bikes... Fortunately it ended in the same love of motorcycling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wengr View Post
    Is that an H2?
    An H2B, from 1974, so it's a vintage !
    I'm in Europe but they were beaten to hell here in the past, so this one (as most of those you find today in Europe) had a first life in the US.

    I was in my early teens when these beasts hit the road back then. It has always been my dream bike when I was riding Honda Paneuropean or various BMW RTs in normal life.

    I still have a BMW R1100RT, too.
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    Dear 339 in june,


    very true yours,


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    Currently owned:

    1983 Harley Davidson FLH (I am the original owner, it was my first new Harley bought at the age of 25)
    2016 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.

    I have owned:
    1972 Norton Comando
    1976 Triumph Bonneville
    1979 Yamaha 750 Triple
    1981 Yamaha 550 (Bought for the wife to learn on)
    1951 Harley-Davidson Panhead
    1957 Harley Davidson Panhead
    1963 Harley Davidson Panhead
    1987 Harley Davidson Sportster (Bought for a European trip, shipped it there and sold it there)
    1999 Harley Davidson Sportster (bought for the wife after she learned to ride)
    1996 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic
    2006 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

    In my 20's and 30's, I rode about 10,000 miles a year

    In my 40's I was down to about 4,000 miles a year
    These days (My 60's) I ride about 3,000 miles a year and have no intention to ever quit

    I learned to ride at 15 but did not get my first bike (The Norton mentioned above) until I was 20
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    I remember getting the Sears catalog as a kid and dreaming about tearing down the road on an Allstate scooter....

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    "Snortin' Norton," best sounding motorcycle exhaust note ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmic gumbo View Post
    I remember getting the Sears catalog as a kid and dreaming about tearing down the road on an Allstate scooter....


    I actually believe this.

    The Sears Catalog is dead.
    Long Live the Sears Catalog!

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    Mini bike at 12 years old.

    Various Hondas.

    On my second BMW GS1200R

    Been down to the Appalachians , Newfoundland, back and forth to work.

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    Started my first job at age 10 so that I could buy one. Bought it two years later at 12, which was two years before I could earn my motorcycle license. It was a Suzuki 90 "Enduro".

    Then my older brother bought one, then practically everybody in the neighborhood bought one (correction - their parents did). All were Enduros or Motocross bikes.

    While I admire them, I've never owned a "street bike". I don't really like riding motorcycles on the streets. It's readily apparent that automobile drivers can't see you very well, and come very close to hitting you. As in, every day.

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    Dedicated scooter rider - sipping gas and taking it easy on my water cooled / 4 stroke Yamaha C3Motorcyclists here?-2009-yamaha-xf50ccubedc3c-jpg

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    I have a 2013 Harley Davidson ultra limited. Before that a Harley Davidson sportster and a Harley Davidson low rider. Before that lots of Japanese bikes. Been riding for 47 yrs. I carry around a lot of surgical steel in my right leg since an accident in 1994. I’ll ride forever or die trying.

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    In my youth, I had two consequtive Vespa Gran Luxe, then a MZ150 and finally for 12 years a BMW R60/2.I sold it in 1986 when our son was born. The sample pictured below was not mine, but mine was just like it. Wonderful bike, rugged and very dependable.

    Sendt fra min SM-T810 med Tapatalk
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    Absoloutely beautiful bike imo.

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    Why does that seat remind me of a Gestapo hat? Oh well...

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    Had a couple of Triumph Bonnevilles, early 60’s and a Norton Dominator.
    a Triton ( Norton Featherbed frame with a Triumph Bonneville engine fitted ) for road racing.
    ...sigh , those were the days. Brands Hatch , Silverstone etc

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    I have had a couple of full size bikes, but now I have 3 vintage Lambretta motor scooters in my garage. I used to ride them regularly to work and with groups of other riders, but they have been sitting in my garage untouched for the last 10 years. Long overdue time to sell them. Two of them are the most valuable models that were ever made. My fantasy is to sell the Lambrettas and buy a full size electric motorcycle like a Zero or something.