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    There is no shortcut. If we want to play well we need to spend thousands and thousands of hours of just..... playing
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    Well, you need both. Teaching provides the foundation.
    Experience is a great teacher, if you get broader experience and not just repeating the same ones.

    If you spent 10 years just flipping burgers, it wouldn't make you a good chef. Or, like the guitarist who practices by themselves in the basement, cooking for one, over & over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarbuddy View Post
    This^. I'm reminded of a couple of professional pianists I know who have been playing for decades and never seem to get any better. I'm not picking on pianists, just these two individuals.
    Another good example is golfers who may have played for decades but not improved much. (Indeed, they may be getting worse.)

    It's useful to listen to great players who recount how they learned. Having a good teacher is a common element. One may find exceptions. Indeed, one may BE an exception (though it is always more likely that one is NOT an exception) but the number of great players who credit a teacher with helping them tremendously is large and telling.
    "Learn the repertoire. It’s all in the songs. If you learn 200 songs, you will have no problem improvising."
    Frank Vignola

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    I've chased the top players down over the decades, and each one, from Barney Kessell to John Williams, had a kernel of knowledge that opened many doors, sometimes with a single statement. Practicing is very important, practicing with clear goals and direction in mind is even more important. We are all self-taught, and none of us is self-taught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkRhodes View Post
    Another good example is golfers who may have played for decades but not improved much. (Indeed, they may be getting worse.)
    Unfortunately, that is not a good example. I play guitar and golf. With guitar, if you practice you will get better. Straightforward. You go to the next level, you may be there a while, but then you advance. Golf not so. Too many factors. You can lose it just like that. Much more variable.

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    It seems like a combination of both to me.

    Finding and working with a great teacher is worth its' weight in gold and just as important is practicing alone and playing in front of people.

    In all of the above situations you are learning unique and different things.

    Steven Herron