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    Check This Out! talent

    thing to make peace with are natural talent, and how much of it you got from your genetics, and environment, did you grow up in a musically enhanced situation.

    the person with loads of natural musical talent just picks up an instrument, and very shorty is playing the socks off it.

    those of us with moderate talent have to work harder at it, practicing & memorizing.

    and may ~never~ get to the same level as the natural born genius talent.

    and it’s ~ OK ~ ...not everyone gets to be Wes Montgomery or Albert Einstein in this life.

    examples come to mind: Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Pat Metheny to name a few have all been natural born genius talents since they were teenagers.

    brings to mind that movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd.

    SRV might have had a little less natural talent, but he worked harder, and had more desire than anyone, becauase his brother Jimmie was, and still is The Man who has more soul in one note than most do with a hundred. Les Paul said Charlie Christian was the same.

    So accepting your level of natch talent + how much time you’ve got to pratice + how good is your ear + how good is your memory all add up to make the guitarist.

    Django had talent and environment galore....

    Best Regards, JT

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    You're a kid and you see/hear somebody playing something ....
    It's like magic or something HUGE to you
    or gets to you , gets in you ....

    You say I want to learn how to do THAT !

    Maybe you get to be able to do that
    (and maybe it's enough ...)

    Maybe you discover other things
    along the way you like too
    So you go off into other things

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    As a beginner this read has been equal parts depressing and inspiring.

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