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    Please help me save the Bill Thrasher Treasure

    Quote Originally Posted by paulkogut View Post
    Perhaps run it by Jude Hibler? She's been involved with publishing some of Joe Pass' material in the past, she might be able to provide some direction. I speak with her on occasion, but don't really know her well enough to be a solid reference or introduction. I think you can track her down through her website Jude Hibler Bio | Jazz Link Enterprises Best of luck getting this material the wide audience it deserves.

    Jude Hibler was said to be writing Joe Pass' biography, but after almost 20 years is anything even rumored to be in the works?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cunamara View Post
    Mynrecollection is that one of the jazz history books I read indicated Coltrane was paid $500 for "Giant Steps" and that was it- his composer's royalties were signed over to someone else. It was either in Ben Sidran's book or Gene Lees's, can't remember which. Hopefully someone can check my memory on this.
    From memory, I thought all the tracks on the Giant Steps LP are published by Jowcol which was Coltrane's own publishing company - I assume he was wise to that trick by then and set up his own company (as did other experienced musicians who had learned the hard way). But I'll have to check when I get home.

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    i concur. It should definitely preserved and made available. What about Mel Bay Publishing? They certainly cover many subjects. Still there has to be someone willing and able to compile the material and most likely write a narrative in order to explain content and sequence its proper order.

    I had several lessons with Mr. Thrasher in 1978 but to be honest I was not ready for the depth and intensity he taught at.
    I could sure give it a good go now.

    I am also interested in his professional history which I was told was quite substantial. Does anyone here have a link pointing that way, a Bio?

    Also, would / does BMI or Ascap figure into this in any way? Hopefully in a helpful way. I know they don't pull any punches when it comes to enforcement. You do not want get involved with them on the wrong side of the deal.

    Regards, -adgp-

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    I wasa student of Bill Thrasher in 1965. He and I became very close friends until his death. He was the finest teacher of any discipline I ever known. I know most of Bill's closest friends, and give you tremendous insights about him. You are absolutely correct about his CAGED system, and his insights about life and music. Contact me at williamstoddard52@gmail.com or call me at 702 806 6002.

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    Share my uncle's work!

    Quote Originally Posted by fep View Post
    Bill was the jazz guitar instructor in Santa Barbara around 1979 when I knew him. He was the author of the book Joe Pass Guitar Style.

    I have probable 500 pages of the material he handed out to his private students. I think this is some of the best jazz guitar instructional material available. I feel really lucky to have all this material, in a year of lessons he gave me a lifetime worth of material to work on. It's a treasure. He wrote copyrights on all the pages and since Bill died somewhere around the mid 1980s I fear it may just end up disappearing if someone doesn't make it available to all.

    I'm trying to contact his heirs to get permission to make this material available. I contacted a very helpful person at Alfred Publishing (the current publishing company of the Joe Pass Guitar Styles Book), he didn't have any record of heirs but told me to contact Warner Bros. who were the orginal publishers. I've sent them an email and am hoping for a response.

    If anyone out there in the big world of the internet can help me with any ideas or people to contact I'd sure appreciate it.

    Here is a very small sample of his incredible work (remember I have maybe 500 pages of this kind of material). (When you click into the site left click on the image to enlarge it.)

    Imageshack - 60096811pg6.jpg
    Imageshack - lickap3.jpg
    Imageshack - arpm.jpg
    Imageshack - bt4
    Please share, our family would love for his manuscripts, etc. to be available to other enthusiasts.
    Attached Images Attached Images Please help me save the Bill Thrasher Treasure-bill_thrasher-jpg Please help me save the Bill Thrasher Treasure-bill_and_rob_thrasher-jpg 

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    Bill Thrasher

    I studied with Bill 1968-71, my last two years at Santa Barbara High and one year at SBCC.
    My only guitar teacher.
    The rendition he schooled me with "Here's That Rainy Day" got me into the Berklee College of Music! I'm a pro, go to my webpage for my bio rickyhana.com

    In May 1981 I called him and told him I was opening for the Beach Boys at the Santa Barbara Bowl on Saturday May 16, 1981 and I put him plus one on the guest list - one of his students done good! Alas, he never showed up. I learned a couple of days later he died of a heart attack a couple of days before.....

    I have a zillion stories to share. Anyone wants to email me can do so rickyhana@gmail.com
    My real name at the time was Rick Anthony

    photo attached - me at the Berklee College of Music 1971
    Attached Images Attached Images Please help me save the Bill Thrasher Treasure-berklee-dorm-jpg 

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    Thx for sharing that Ricky and glad to see you are following your muse!

    Reminds of advice a friend once relayed given to him by Michael Hedges and repeated in variations over time..."Beyond the talent you have to find your racket" i.e. niche, something special etc.

    You've got that in spade, play on and best of luck!


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