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  • ISTJ

    1 1.49%
  • ISFJ

    1 1.49%
  • INFJ

    7 10.45%
  • INTJ

    16 23.88%
  • ISTP

    1 1.49%
  • ISFP

    1 1.49%
  • INFP

    8 11.94%
  • INTP

    14 20.90%
  • ESTP

    3 4.48%
  • ESFP

    0 0%
  • ENFP

    4 5.97%
  • ENTP

    5 7.46%
  • ESTJ

    0 0%
  • ESFJ

    0 0%
  • ENFJ

    1 1.49%
  • ENTJ

    5 7.46%
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    I am E/I NTP. I have done the full-blown MBTI several times over maybe 40 years. I always split the difference between Extroversion/Introversion, but strongly Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.


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    Quote Originally Posted by destinytot
    Hi David.

    My 2c is yes, to the extent that they get in the way of (close) human contact.

    Personally, I work with this situation (rather than against it). For example, I only work with musicians with whom I've established empathy and trust (I need to feel comfortably vulnerable when playing).

    The same applies to bookings; I rarely seek them, but when I do so it absolutely must be a face-to-face conversation (easier in some cultures than others).

    I also use certain performing situations to remain aloof (private functions).

    Regarding music schools, I wouldn't dream of attending one as I'm positive it would be crushing for me - and in a way that informal apprenticeships/mentoring, private tuition or jams aren't.

    On the other hand, I've learned a huge amount by participating in forum threads and reflecting on my assumptions and beliefs about jazz. I haven't changed my beliefs, but it's changing my behaviour as a performer - and for the better.
    The attitude of the music department varies SO much by school. Although my college days were long ago and mixed instrumental/vocal, my current familiarity is with the operatic/classical vocal subset.

    Some schools, it's ALL about "the pedigree". Who you've studied with, what performers Of Note you correspond with, what Master classes you've taken. One is expected to at least mostly be able to perform at the proper level, but between two students, the one with more Pedigree will be more popular and respected than the one without, the introvert that just sings the heart out of the arias.

    And there are other schools where the staff don't give a crap about "Pedigree", often because most of the staff have had a major singing career. Wichita State would fit here. They've sung in all the great "houses", with voices good, GREAT, and ... problematic. They are bored with Pedigree and Being Social for the purposes of raising money for some Opera company.

    They love *singing*, but ... it's got to be both technically correct AND ... smoothly, incredibly, emotional.

    At such a place, many of the better students are rather introverted. And valued. They actually think about the material they're learning to perform. Not about making it razzle.

    Humans being well, Human, this happens in other music forms also. And is why it's so important to visit several places to see where you would actually thrive.

    Stumbling fingers still need love ...

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    Pop pseudoscience... for example, extraversion does not mean that one is happy in crowds and uncomfortable alone, nor the reverse for introversion. It does not mean the source of influence.

    The real meaning is the distinction between the conditions (alone or in a crowd) where you are renewed, recharged, replenished, where you develop and build yourself, versus where you are drained, discharged, consumed, and where you wear out and decay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyLoveHandles
    INTJ. I just took this free test: INTJ Personality (?The Architect?) | 16Personalities

    My most extreme swings were for introverted (69%), and thinking (62%) over feeling.
    Wow. A few thoughts of mine:

    First. I am an architect. Been licensed for over 30 years now.

    Second. Many years ago in architecture school I ran across a book (I think it was in Strand Books in NYC if anyone knows the place) that analyzed architects and personality types. It was fascinating, but I was short on cash and didn’t buy it. I never found it again and always wanted to. Working with so many other architects over the years has been an interesting study of personalities for me. That got magnified further by going to business school after I became licensed and changing my perspective on the architectural profession. I got to check out the website that you linked.

    Third. Per the Myers-Briggs I have always tested to be an ENTJ, so I am generally not introverted. However, I have never put any importance on that test. It is too easy to answer the questions to get a result as to how you would like to be perceived by others.

    Fourth. I play guitar mostly for myself. Sure my family listens and I have played with others on rare occasions, but I have never had the desire to be performer. I guess in that way I am more of an introvert.

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    I am an INTJ.

    I am astonished at the dominance of the very rare INTJ type here. I see a lot of personality testing in my workplace and i have nearly always been on my own as an INTJ.

    Its a fascinating result. I need to think about this more.

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    "In social science, we use four standards: Are the categories reliable, valid, independent and comprehensive? For the MBTI, the evidence says not very, no, no, and not really.”
    How Accurate Is the Myers-Briggs Personality Test? LiveScience

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    I don't think this has a scientific basis; because the test says I'm a DOLT, though I'm sure I'm a STAR.

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    Mbti is not supremely precise but it is still insightful and useful. The big 5 personality test is superior.

    INTJ overrepresentation here is fascinating.

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    Yipes! Another INTP Jazz guitarist here!

    So, that last indicator J or P...

    J = theory?
    P = by ear?