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    The same reason why why why why you're interested in perpetuating this silly "debate" perhaps?

    To "prove" a pointless point??

    ........we really should drop this, shouldn't we?.....
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    Yes we should. If you notice it took forever for me to even read or respond to any of it. Then I just kind of had it. No name calling. Just the entire premise is silly. "Science" tells us that we learn by repetition. Whether it's a toddler learning to walk, eat, talk, or a soldier learning to shoot , or a teenager learning to drive. They are called drills. Musicians call it practice, like an athlete. Whether you've systematized the drills in categories or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevebol View Post
    Eggheads? I thought we were existentialists. Can we be both, or are we both by nature?
    Or perhaps eggsistentialists? ....sorry.
    Still working on it.