The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Chord Constructor and Looper 2000 ULTRA Turbo plus

    Reload in Chrome: CTRL+SHIFT+R (or CTRL+click reload button) to check if there was a recent update - that avoids the browser's cache and get the bug-fixes ASAP. -> not really nessessary anymore I think.

    It's just a thing to create your own ear training exercises.
    Been upgrading this for a while and eventually it feels like it should be announced in public. With added MIDI-out and all.
    Anyway. Not selling here anything. Someone here might need this. That's the reason for posting. Will add a zip-file when the quirks are ironed out for off-line usage at some point.
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I finished doing some upgrades to it. Now it should be pretty much maxed out function-wise and not gonna touch it much except fixing bugs now and then.

    Bunch of new presets and a zip archieve for the off-line package there - a bump worthy. Last one

    Btw, windows opens the html file even if it sits in the archive.. But that wont really work. Make sure to extract it

    Have a nice day!

    edit: said there that Musescore is an option. Turns out that it is so bad with timing. Maybe there is a way to make it work better or my own computer is too slow. Nothing beats a DAW and a plugin.
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    Absolutely last bump. Cuz people tend to resent the stupid local sounds and don't care to mess with plugins either.
    Now added a decent piano option. And a few presets too.

    Thats the last bump ever for this, I promise.

    Ok, have a nice day.

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    That must have been fun.
    Chord max of 12 pitches?

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    Over 12 would be too much technical trouble.

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    Next upgrade will be bunch of presets as chord progressions. If you have a fun one, please share.

    edit: I really mean it. I know enough to fill 30ish pages. The mundane ones. If you have a cool thing, pls share.
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