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    I cant deduce what chord is THIS:

    At the time of the link (at 0:39), the song is at the tonic, but then it briefly turns into this out-of-nowhere chord, it sounds so awesome! No idea which chord it is or why it sounds so cool though..

    Any ideas?? Thanks in advanced!


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    Hi Lean, that's a G#9sus4.

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    yes it’s nice !

    4x4321 maybe

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    Sounds to me like the tonic there is Esus2 . The melody line there is repeating three times F# E B which are the first, second, and third strings of that chord.

    The weird beauty is that the next chord sounds like a chunk of the harmony shifts up a whole step, but that shift has a few interpretations. The melody line of the second chord is F G#, second and first string of that chord.

    The question to me is what to play on the guitar if I was doing this tune. The cool chord shift has the quality of an after thought, something just added in. If the piano wants to play that, I would probably pause and let him have it. If there is no piano, I would play it. Below are some ways I might play it, depending on the effect desired. As you can see these are tightly related and even the specific instances have multiple names that suggest how they are related.
    I tend to form bigger chords than I play - strumming fewer strings than I finger. In this case I would probably finger the last interpretation and strum so as to express what I think would be the best parts of the three primary shift interpretations. So I might selectively strum as to play E or B to F#, C#, or G#. I am not used to naming chords, forgive me...

    E to F#
    (Esus2) to (F#M7sus2)
    [x x 2 4 5 2] to [x x 4 6 6 4]

    B to C#
    (Bsus4 or Esus2/B or F#7sus4/B ) to (C#add4 or F#M7sus2/C# or G#13sus4/C#)
    [x 2 2 4 5 2] to [x 4 4 6 6 4]

    E to G#
    (Esus2 or Bsus4/E) to (C#add4/G# or F#M7sus2/G# or G#13sus4)
    [0 2 2 4 5 2] to [4 4 4 6 6 4]