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    Wow, the list of all the rhythm changes tunes is a goldmine!

    I was not aware of Billy Bean - those are strong clear lines!

    Thank you!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by djg
    yea, *that* lick. i had a buddy who played more or less exactly like dexter (i kid you not) with a bit of mobley and stitt thrown into the mix. one time he played that lick and the four of us sang along in unison.

    bar two is also grant green's favourite and most recorded lick.

    Gotta start somewhere!

    Yes, Grant Green's SMPWC solo is basically that one lick with a few other notes as an added bonus.

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    Little Pretty Missy - Louis Armstrong

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    keep the original rhythm changes tunes coming!

    Here are a couple of my favorites:

    1. C.T.A

    2. The Jeep is Jumpin'

    3. Eb Pob

    4. Street Beat

    5. Newk's Fadeaway

    6. Delirium

    7. Wells Fargo--a nice and slower swinger of tune!

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    Not an easy one, but Suspone (composed by Mike Stern) was the first Rhythm Changes that I heard:

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    I practice rhythm changes at 55 bpm and improvise continuous 32nd notes in the right hand. Keith Jarrett ballad style.

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    The orange cover Joe Pass book has some nice solos for those who not good at transcribing. Aimee Nolte has some good stuff too for ear players.