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    Do you know of how to access the music or have an idea of what the changes are? I figured out the melody. I can post a crappy notation of the coda melody in this clip if that helps. The pickup to the coda is at about 5:57.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Ireal pro app has this which seems broadly on the right lines.

    Bar 7 of the coda looks a bit suspect to me, but there are probably various ways to handle it. (I like Jim Hall’s ending on Jim Hall Live for example).

    What is the coda to Round Midnight?-aefd8dc7-9a3d-4fca-a693-ec0e399ef3ae-jpeg

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    Awesome!! That's close to what I was thinking.

    Yes bar 7 is absolutely suspect but I think it starts you on the right track. The cycle (bar 7-9 in the chord sheet) seems to include 8 melody notes (and chords). But the cycle does seem to start on Eb and end with a Bb7 resolving to an Eb.
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    Here's my approximation of the melody in this particular performance.

    What is the coda to Round Midnight?-rm-coda-png

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    I think you quite often hear that cycle extended by one more step, i.e. Eb Ab Db Gb B E, then end on that final Eb chord. I’ve done that before, and I’ve heard it on a few recordings. (May not be quite what Monk did though!)

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    Yeah I think I'll do that with a Bb between the E and Eb.

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    I think the cycle only had 6 there. Basically what's on the chord sheet I assume.

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    This version may be easier to listen to (easier to hear)...