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    I wrote this just for one particular exercise but in time, it became one of my favorite apps.
    So I added some features and a short help text and thought that maybe it's worth to post this here. Maybe a few people are looking for such thing.. who knows.


    I'm using it mainly this way:
    1. I mark some interval (or triad or.. ) and try to sing a missing degree to make up a full chord. When it gets easier, I try to play the note instead singing.
    2. Mark 4 triads. Maj Min Dim Aug. Then try to play the same chord or its inversion.
    3. Mark a Dom7 chord, and try to play the right arpeggio without any trial&error noodling action.

    I bet there are much more interesting ways to use it but so far, these 3 are already a lot for me.

    Have fun!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I upgraded another one. It's the interval guessing exercise app.

    A bit more user friendly now and also added the "5th" sound option... for when it gets too easy and boring

    Don't think there is anything like this out there, so I think its also worth to post here.
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    justChords now has quizzing functionality.