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    So, backstory. I can easily sing and find on the guitar certain intervals and melodies. Coincidentally these seem to be common in pop or folk music, which is what I have been playing for many years. But now I’m trying jazz. There are certain interval combinations that I struggle with. By struggle I mean that I don’t find them right away, I tend to have to search a couple tones before I hit the right one. Once I find it, I can find it immediately... until the next day. So I want to practice singing such intervals.

    I like to take long walks and wouldn’t it be handy to have some app or set of sound files or something, that would have me sing along to all kinds of intervals or melodies containing them.

    Looking for ear training on app store mostly yields clever quizzes. But I just want to sing along, not having to look at the screen.

    Is there some audio program or app that does this? Many years ago one could buy like audio cassettes to use in your car... which brings me to the second point. I’m too old to spend years on learning solfege or any other complicated system.

    Or. Is the best thing to just put some Bird song on repeat and learn to sing the solos?



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Try to learn as many melodies, jazz lines and songs on the guitar as possible by ear. Start simple, but try to
    find a good level of challenge. Bird might be too hard at first, but Chet Baker or Jim Hall within your grasp.

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    I have a few web apps written. Maybe there are some that might be useful - check the link in my signature.

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    I like Bruce Arnold's materials a lot.

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    Oh, I have a suggestion for walks. Just use backing tracks for new tunes and hum along. The melody yep.. but also a scat-solo. Doesn't have to be brilliant or anything. You could try singing plain suitable scale, chord arps, or you know.. something sensible. Like um.. pretending to be a real jazz vocalist
    It helps a ton later when wanting to learn them for real. Then its just a labelling-work for what you know already. Harmony-wise. Muchmuch faster.