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    Hey people!

    Information systems undergrad with some spare time here. I built a ear-training platform originally for some of my friends, but figured - why not share it with more people, get more feedback and make it even better?

    Introduction video here:

    Where you can find it:
    Pitchgarden - Home

    Do give it a try if you are interested and any feedback is greatly appreciated!



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Add keyboard input for important buttons.

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    Hello, seem to function well on an iPad. I noticed on the melodic dictation portion, with each replay it got a bit slower. That's good, but perhaps not so many steps in between fast and slow.

    Other than that the only thing I saw was On the top right hand side where it says select your anchor note, the E was separated from the rest .... not

    Would recommend to students. Thanks

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    appreciate the feedback!