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    Has anyone here tried this course: https://beatoeartraining.com/

    I’m looking for recommendations for or against.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I thought about buying this course but you can easily do this stuff at home by yourself.

    Play a note and sing it. If that's too easy play more notes in succession and sing them.

    Sing a note and play it (that's harder), sing two notes etc.

    Play melodic and harmonic intervals and sing them. Start with the perfect intervals and finish with the most dissonant.

    Play a series of notes and sing harmony to them.

    Use free ear training software......

    Listen to a simple tune, the first few songs in Suzuki violin book 1 for example, and write down the melody in notation just by sound ie don't use your instrument to find the notes.

    Sing triads - major and minor root position first then add 1st and 2nd inversions.

    Too easy? Sing 7th chords in all inversions.

    You'll have a pretty good ear then.

    Transcribe, transcribe, transcribe.

    Just a few free ideas