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    October 14, 2020

    This day is a Wednesday and I was on my way to my singing lessons in Vaughn. While my dad and I were driving on highway 407, my dad switched the radio station from a news station to an oldies music station. Long story short, I noticed that I was recognizing various melodic patterns and intervals at a high rate. I’ve been doing ear training, transcribing, and singing pitches for a while now, so that’s why I have some ability to recognize melodies on the radio. Usually this melody recognition phenomenon would fizzle out by the 3rd or 4th song, but then it was already the 9th and 10th songs and it didn’t fizzle out. I got excited and broadcasted to my dad what happened. But he didn’t care. Then my dad switched the topic to Coronavirus and we debated: my dad a Covid-19 believer and me a Covid-19 denier. We were debating so much that my dad ended up missing the Keele St. exit and we had to exit to Dufferin.

    At Dufferin St, we had to turn left to Steeles Ave. Long Story Short, while we were at a red light at the left turn lane, my melody recognition was still there at a high rate. Then all of a sudden, a car next to the left turn lane stopped at the red light next to our car. In the car, I saw an adolescent blonde girl with extremely long and straight platinum blonde hair, with a face that looked like a doll and her boyfriend was on the driver seat. She looked at me and I smiled and waved at the blonde girl. The girl noticed and smiled at me but didn’t wave. The boyfriend looked at me in disgust, shook his head, and closed the window. While this was happening with the girl, my melody recognition was still superb. But the story didn’t end there.

    When I finally reached the singing lesson centre, the teacher told me that it was time for me to pay. While she was setting up the debit card machine, there’s a Korean Church next to the room and they’re doing a rehearsal. The worship leader began singing a worship ballad and the notes of the opening melody consisted of the notes: Do-mi-so-la or 1 3 5 6. Yes, it’s a typical Korean Worship song. It just so happened that I was near my teacher’s piano and it was on. Somehow I was able to guess correctly that the key of the song was C Major. I began playing the notes of the chorus on the piano from beginning to end and got them all accurately before my teacher prompted me to put the card on the machine. I got excited and told my teacher Did you see that?! But like my dad, my teacher didn’t care.

    In conclusion, weeks before this day, I did not listen to any music, because I got sick and had to miss some lesson time, but I did a lot of ear training. My ear training is basically self-customized exercises and audio files that I created on my DAW and I use a flashcard app called Anki to test myself with the sounds. My training has a testing component and a singing component. And I drill myself with Intervals, a myriad of scale patterns with different scales and modes, and chord tones and a separate singing component comprised of the same things. I also have an exercise where the question plays various intervals, patterns, and pitches and I have to find the notes on the guitar. And these are only for melody alone. There is another world for Relative Chords. But after the event on Wednesday, where the intervals and scale patterns just popped out of my head while listening to music on the radio, I realized that my 2020 ear training exercises are working, after going through several revisions earlier in the year 2020 and 2019. I believe the more I do this, the whole world of melody recognition will be my oyster.

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    Good for you! As a singer, you will need it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by princeplanet
    Good for you! As a singer, you will need it!
    Yes, my singing exercises does aid me to sing less out of tune. But I only do singing as a recreational hobby. I'm solely doing these exercises for Relative Pitch and Guitar Soloing Supremacy. I do have an ambition to write solos like Steve Morse, Al di Meola, John McLaughlin, Petrucci, Vai, Waggoner, Marty Friedman, Buckethead, and Paul Gilbert. To become one of the pantheon of great guitar soloists. The Mt. Rushmore of Guitar. And my wet dream on improvisation is that I only noodle on the fretboard and the notes turns into gold.