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    Message to the moderator:

    I usually post these type of threads on the sticky thread - Why I think adults can develop perfect pitch - That thread eventually evolved to a biopic journal, where I post my daily perfect pitch and relative pitch activities. In that thread, I have already proven that adults CAN develop Perfect Pitch at any age if they use the right tools and effective practice methods and most importantly, consistent practice. The stuff that I mostly post in that Perfect Pitch thread usually fall into two categories: Play by ear videos and Perfect Pitch Journals. I have decided to divide that Perfect Pitch Thread to two threads with its appropriate titles. Feel free to make this a sticky thread. I have been in this forum for many years and I have no history of doing anything mischievous or violating any rules, that's not what I'm intending to do.

    Thank You,
    Jason Sioco

    Message to the forum members:
    This will be a collection of my daily perfect pitch practice. I have discussed both my perfect pitch and relative pitch lifestyle at this forum - I was surprised that my ear training threads were able to strike a chord on the forum members, when in other places on the internet, particularly Youtube it is the exact opposite - there is a scarcity of views, comments, and haters are quick to push the dislike button on my material on Youtube. In my life outside the internet - aside from my mom and dad - no one knows that I am good at perfect pitch. When I search forums on the internet about the most recent threads about Perfect Pitch, I giggle at the fact that those Perfect Pitch Nazis are still stuck with the old adage that only little children can develop perfect pitch and you have to be born with it. Apparently they have no clue that my Perfect Pitch videos existed. If they found my videos, they are going to eat their words. Also Youtube has a crappy algorithm.If you type Perfect Pitch on Youtube, you will see none of my videos anywhere on the search results. While Rick Beato's Perfect Pitch videos and the adults can't develop Perfect Pitch videos are on the very top of the search results. But with all of that, I seem to have some kind of place in this forum. Due to the lack of traffic on my youtube channel, I decided to post my perfect pitch videos here. Feel free to leave a comment. I'll be happy if there is a lot of traffic in this thread.

    To close on this matter of Perfect Pitch:
    This past Christmas, I was discussing to my pastor about Perfect Pitch. My pastor may be a cliche, classic Christian, gospel, and grace pastor; but he's the only pastor I know that can name all the original members of Dream Theater, can play by ear, mastered relative pitch and is an accomplished musician. I talked to my pastor about people on the internet spreading the idea that adults can't develop Perfect Pitch. The discussion that day led to perfect pitch. It was like a Catholic making a confessional with a priest or something XD. He got bewildered as if I am living on a different planet, as if he never heard of that idea before. He calmly said to me: That's not true. You can develop Perfect Pitch at any age. He said more than that. But those kind words gave me more confidence that my success with Perfect Pitch is sustainable and it will only get better and better. So my journey with Perfect Pitch continues.
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