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    Message to the moderator:

    I usually post these type of threads on the sticky thread - Why I think adults can develop perfect pitch - That thread eventually evolved to a biopic journal, where I post my daily perfect pitch and relative pitch activities. In that thread, I have already proven that adults CAN develop Perfect Pitch at any age if they use the right tools and effective practice methods and most importantly, consistent practice. The stuff that I mostly post in that Perfect Pitch thread usually fall into two categories: Play by ear videos and Perfect Pitch Journals. I have decided to divide that Perfect Pitch Thread to two threads with its appropriate titles. Feel free to make this a sticky thread. I have been in this forum for many years and I have no history of doing anything mischievous or violating any rules, that's not what I'm intending to do.

    Thank You,
    Jason Sioco

    Message to the forum members:

    This thread is going to be a collection of songs that I have transcribed. I have discussed both my perfect pitch and relative pitch lifestyle on this forum - I was actually surprised that my threads struck a chord with the forum members given the fact that on other websites particularly YouTube is the total opposite, there is a scarcity of views, comments, and haters are quick to push the dislike button on my material there. In my life outside the internet, aside from my parents and family members. No one out there knows I play by ear. In the church where I use my play by ear abilities, they either don't know what playing by ear is, or they downplay what I do at church, or they basically don't care or don't give a (bleep). But I seem to have some kind of a place on this forum. I usually post my videos on Youtube because that is standard practice and barely anyone in Youtube knows my playlists. To solve my problem of lack of traffic on my Youtube channel, I decided to create this thread, because I am getting more responses from this website than anywhere else. This thread is like a progress log as my ears get better overtime. Majority of my transcriptions are done on the piano, but I will have a lion share of guitar material that I have learned by ear as well. I regularly rotate these videos on my relative pitch practice, so that I won't forget the solfege and chord progressions. My goal is to collect and amass a vocabulary of melodic and harmonic patterns. When these patterns reoccur again from another song, I will make connections. feel free to comment on this thread. That's basically the whole point why I am doing this.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    This is a borderline Jazz song by the Carpenters and I got it playing by ear!!! The sky's the limit for me on transcribing!!!

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