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    This past weekend (June 29, 2019), I went to see a hand specialist for problem with my right hand related to playing guitar, piano, computer, etc..When he began massaging my hands, he played some kind of meditative music. It was a simple synth-ish relaxing music with simple two note melodies playing and a progression. Then the specialist in the mood with the music began blurting out floaty, ethereal, meditative stuff at me and began asking questions such as "What is your right hand telling you?". He was asking me how my senses were feeling. Then I told him that I was listening to the music. Then he asked how did the music made me feel. Then I told him, "Well I am hearing a IIIminor going to a VIminor then it suddenly dove back to I." Then he told me that I had an interesting kind of a skill. Then a 2 note melody began playing, then I told him "If you haven't noticed, the melody played a 7-6 (ti-la) of the scale. Then he said that "I think the music is distracting, we better turn it off!" He uses the meditative music to his other clients, but that tactic didn't work for me because I play by ear!

    Point of this story - Since I began making tapes of 2 note melodies with a I-IV-V-I cadence with it, I had several daily listening events where the music played a 2 note melody and I was able to instantly recognize it verbatim. I'll see what happens when I start getting into longer melodies (5,6,7,10 note melodies etc.) I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.


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    That hand specialist makes me nervous.

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    So, if we want to be a "hand specialist" all we have to do is play some soft music, rub lotion on your hands, gaze into your eyes, and ask you how that makes you feel?

    lol, when I saw this thread title I was expecting a story about some top ace hand surgeon. I guess not.

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    Hand therapist? When I broke my elbow five years ago, I saw a hand therapist for a couple of months afterwards to recover from the surgery, regain full mobility of the elbow, etc. Hand therapists are occupational therapy specialists who treat from the elbow to the fingertips. because of the surgery on my elbow with the insertion of pins and wires, there was actually a lot of massage to break down and prevent scar tissue from forming. As far as I can tell it was very helpful as I have no ongoing elbow pain and regained about 99% of the mobility. However, this one sounds a little New Age-y for my tastes.
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    Yeah, my hand surgeon had/has his staff of therapists too, but they are ALL business.

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    A number of years ago I had hand surgery followed by therapy, which included paraffin baths. Dip, cool, peel, repeat. They felt really, really good.

    Oh, yeah, don't try this at home.
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    Hey Guys, (July 7, 2019) - I had another 2 note melody incident once again. I was listening to some throwback big band tunes on the radio coming home from church, all of a sudden, the horns played a 3-5 (mi-so), and they were repeating it for parts of the song. I am almost halfway thru wrapping up the 2 note melodies on my tapes, then I will get to three note melodies. I am excited! I'll be getting to 10 note melodies before you know it.

    There was also an ear training incident at church. Some elderly lady in our church was celebrating her 99th birthday and the son wanted to do a special presentation of "You Raise Me Up". As a backslidden Christian (he he he just kidding), I did not listen to the preaching, and learned the chords of You Raise Me Up on the fly. To be honest, I did look the chords up on my phone, but memorizing the chords in a few hours would be impossible. So I simply skimmed the chords to make a good sense of the harmonic world of the song. Then I listened to the You Raise Me Up over and over again during the preaching, using my ears as a guide. By the time it was holy communion, I mastered the relative chords of You Raise Me Up by ear. Well, I just a found another song I can add in my ear training exercises. Another feather on the cap!!!

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    That's just a bunch of Hand Jive!