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    Hey Guys . I need some recommendation for web based Sightread software or application . I want to start reading music .
    Many Thanks


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    This isn't web based, but after teaching students for 30 years at my guitar shop in Annapolis, MD I can tell you that the William Leavitt method books will definitely help you become a good sight reader on guitar.

    Hope this helps!
    Steven Herron

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    I posted about my app over in this thread: A web app for practicing sight reading for guitar

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    Here's today's entry in my Real Life Reading series.

    Octet. A sub, who isn't there, has contributed an original, which gets called.

    The guitar part appears to be a copy of the piano part.

    It has a big, unfamiliar font, with very small margins and very little white space on the page at all. Seems information dense at first glance.

    The intro is bass clef. Why not? It's a piano chart, really, even though it says "guitar".

    The tune is in 7/4, at about 200 bpm, but for some reason, the composer has decided to alternate bars with a C (4/4) and bars with a 3/4. Except, when he actually has bars of 7/4 written that way.

    It's all one chord, which simplifies things, but the rhythm section is supposed to drop out now and then -- and there are multiple open sections followed by interludes with horn backgrounds, so everything has to be cued. How do you figure out where you are if you get lost in a one chord tune? You can hear the horns, but you can't see what they're reading, so you don't know where they are in your chart.

    How do you approach this sort of thing? Well, one idea, which I used today, was not to play. Instead, just sit there following the chart. I got through the first few pages fine and reached a solo section that I decided to play. At some point, I lost track of where we were in the chart. With one chord and the same bass figure throughout it was like being in a featureless desert. I couldn't figure out where we were until everyone stopped playing but one horn. That was marked in the chart. I should have sat there for the entire song without playing. Then, I'd have a better shot next time.