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    I just interviewed Wim den Herder, a countryman of mine. He is a fine player and has transcribed and studied some amazing Oscar Peterson solos in the past. These days he runs the guitar academy in Amsterdam.

    The level of difficulty of the solos he plays in real time over the original solos is pretty outlandish because of the insane speed. Nothing was slowed down. He even played this stuff live on stage at the time ... The solos were way back and these days he has clearly developed his own style but ... this is what dedication and a ruthless practise regime can produce. I still marvel at those vids.


    Blog entry at:

    Dutchbopper's Jazz Guitar Blog: Oscar Peterson On Guitar
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    I'm a big fan of OP (and of Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel, among others, who played guitar in his famous trios.)

    I wouldn't have thought this could be done on the guitar...
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    Good Lord!

    That guy is absolutely amazing!!!

    I've never heard of Wim before so thank you for posting that video.

    Steven Herron
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    Quote Originally Posted by DB's Jazz Guitar Blog View Post
    .... he has clearly developed his own style .....
    Dutchbopper's Jazz Guitar Blog: Oscar Peterson On Guitar

    Saw this on that other thread. Probably the fastest Jazz guitar solo I've heard, so kudos for sure for a super human effort. However, I'd hope that that kinda talent and dedication can produce something original. What do people think of his original style? Or better still, can you point me to examples of it so I can see/hear for myself?

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