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    Any tips?

    I've long read about the benefits of transcribing, but I didn't have any motivation to actually do it. Until I heard Joe Negri's solo on A Weaver of Dreams. Every phrase in it is perfect! Very bluesy, but also a lot of boppish chromaticism going on. And as a bonus, it's in general NOT blazing fast 16 notes, so I think that technically I should be able to handle playing at least a good part of it. Still, it will be slow going for me. I got the first few bars so far, here is what I've been doing:
    • Loaded it up on my phone in Music Speed Changer
    • Set the first loop point to the beginning of the solo
    • Figure out a few notes at a time, by trial and error, or by attempting to identify the intervals
    • Alternate speed between 100% and 50% as necessary (mostly 50% actually)
    • Rewind (a lot!), each time playing along as much as I know so far up

    I'd also like to learn his comping behind the brass solo, but apart from recognizing a few voicings here and there (just from being familiar with them already and knowing how they sound), I think it will be too challenging for me at this point to decipher entire chords.


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    If you can use a PC (or Mac I suppose), then Reaper is a free program that will help immensely. It's a DAW, but you can put a soundfile into it, and loop, slow down (while keeping the pitch), etc. It's a great resource.

    If you don't mind shelling out some bucks, there's a great program called Transcribe! (with the !) and it's the gold standard.

    btw- I looked up this song on Spotify. Very nice. I hope you'll post your transcription here (or maybe in "The Songs" forum, not sure where people think that's most appropriate).

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    Thanks for the tip, Music Speed Changer seems to be working well, and I prefer to keep it simple (just my phone).

    I'd be happy to share, but I don't know if/when I'll write it down, right now I'm just memorizing it. And like I said, it will be slow going: After tackling a few more bars, I decided that I hadn't picked the best position for the first few bars, so I'm relearning the first few bars! Meaning, if I had stuck with my original position for the first few bars, there would have been an awkward position shift for the next few.

    BTW does everyone else do this? Or do you just learn the solo first, without the position shifts between phrases necessarily being the best, and then try to smooth it out later?

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    In my experience it’s quite normal to keep going back over the previous phrases and having to change the position or fingering in the light of what the next phrase does. All part of the learning process, it’s not a bad thing.