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    Relative Pitch Update - October 19, 2019 - I officially completed all 150 levels of the Advanced Module of Meludia Melody today. I will begin practicing with the Expert Module tomorrow. But not publishing my practice with Expert Levels yet. Like what I did with the Advanced Levels, I skimmed through it and completed the module and I ended up establishing some high scores to beat. My only problem with this app is that I find the interface of the Intermediate, Advance, and Expert a bit glaring to the eyes. Watch this video and see if you agree that this is a bit glaring to the eyes.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Relative Pitch Update - October 22, 2019 - I've been doing this form of ear training for more than a year now. I started out plucking out the chords by ear the songs for the church I go to. Now I am doing any style/genre of music. There's still more to come of this.

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    Perfect Pitch Update - November 18, 2019 - Here's something I didn't show yet with my Perfect Pitch...naming single notes!!! My perfect Pitch is weird, I excel at naming chord voicings in their absolute name, but suck at single notes. But finally got a breakthrough here. As for the chords, I am sitting at 194 chord voicings, poised to reach 200, which is my goal for this year.

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    Perfect Pitch Update - November 24, 2019 - I reached my 2019 goal of mastering 200 individual chord voicings by Absolute Name and it's not even Christmas yet! This is a testament to the success I have with Perfect Pitch this year that I didn't have in years past.

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    And what tasks will be assigned to those born with perfect pitch?
    Their favourite musicians are on stage, beckoning to come join them and bask in adulation from an audience consisting of all people they've had tiffs with in the past. Then they turn around to pick a guitar, but only find one of those australian bwooorp bwaaarf tubes.