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    Quote Originally Posted by Irez87 View Post
    Jason, I worried about posting my playing after talking everyone's ear off with Contextual Ear Training--I still do.

    But, if you post some of your musical abilities--even if it isn't perfect--people will get more of an idea about what you are working on and how you are applying it to real music.

    If you get attacked, I'll stand up for you.
    Me too.
    Frank (aka fep)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch Update - June 6, 2019 - I have now unlocked 130 chord voicings 24 single notes and 17 harmonic intervals for Absolute Pitch.
    About the youtube perfect pitch video thing:
    *I took a week off last week from practicing perfect pitch, because I had to...I was way behind in my actual music lessons. Sometimes I over train my ear that my actual music practice (technique, repertoire) gets compensated.

    *When I came back practicing perfect pitch the following week, I was all cobwebs.

    * then I had to learn how to record a video screen: this took me a while to figure out, but long story short, I now know how to record a video screen and it's easy.

    *It's just a matter of time, if I am able to capture one particular AP session where I get 100% accuracy on this deck of 50 chords then I will post it on youtube.

    Relative Pitch Update - On my charlie banacos practice, I have already added 5 to 6 note chord voicings. It's basically the same voicings that I have already been doing with perfect pitch, but they act as functional voicings. i.e. let's say the voicing is R 5 9 3 7 11 then I will use the same voicing to function as a I chord IV chord V chord VI II III chord and so on. this is the advantage of someone like me who does ear training by customizing my own exercises, sometimes my imagination goes wild!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Sioco View Post
    ...sometimes my imagination goes wild!!!
    That might explain what you have been writing here for the last three months.
    "Bent my ear to hear the tune and closed my eyes to see."

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    Perfect Pitch Update - June 18, 2019 - For the past 2 weeks, I have been distracted by the NBA Finals. I live near Toronto so I was watching the Raptors. I'm glad that's all over and I got the result I want on that thing. That's good because I don't have to watch basketball for the next winter months and for the rest of my life. I am a musician, I'm not supposed to watch sports. Music and sports don't mix. Both mediums require your time and attention and you can choose only one. I am now back at my Perfect Pitch Routine and my schedule is back to normal. The long layoff also delayed my upcoming Youtube video. In the video, I am not that familiar with the chords 46-50 and I'm making mistakes with those. I have to be 100% accurate at my execution, because I have a bad reputation on Youtube. I am one of those people that don't get a lot of respect from Youtubers and I easily get some dislikes. My general cover videos don't get mixed with the rest of the group, but placed in my own name, even with a good tag. My videos are considered mediocre. Of course I myself want to change the narrative, but right now I'm stuck.

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    Music and sports definitely mix--why do you think there's a basketball team named Utah Jazz?

    Peter Martin loves Basketball and he's a killing jazz pianist.

    I think Miles obsessed over basketball from what I remember from Quincy Troupe's Miles and Me.

    Maybe you can record some stuff on Sound Cloud? The studies you are doing sound very exciting, but I wanna hear how you apply them to your music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irez87 View Post
    The studies you are doing sound very exciting, but I wanna hear how you apply them to your music.
    All of my customized ear training exercises are built with the purpose and end goal of effortlessly recognizing melodies, chord progressions, voicings, orchestration, basslines, etc of actual real world music in real time. Over the years and even today on a weekly basis, I have encountered and been with people who have really prolific hearing (source of inspiration ) I first been with this people back in 2009 when I was studying in a bible college (studying church music). I was so inspired that I said to myself at that time "10 years from now, I will master ear training and be like "them"" Guess what I'm doing 10 years later in 2019. I wouldn't say I have mastered ear training, but I am playing by ear and heading to the right direction.

    One thing that I didn't mention yet that I am already doing are creating countless sets of ear training tapes for relative pitch. Since I ended school, I have two types of days: day-off or on-the-go. As much as I like to stay home and practice, I am not immune to on the go days. Right now I am hearing noises from my family that we would have a couple of long road trips this summer. I built these ear training tapes for these kind of circumstances. So that I can still train my ear when I am outside, on the plane, at the doctor's office, where I am away from my normal habitat. During the NBA Finals, I compensated my lack of productivity at that time, by listening to my tapes, while the games were going on. I do have enough tapes to listen to an entire basketball game and it's more than that. I upload the tapes to Google Drive. I have google drive on my Ipad and Phone. I would listen to the tapes with headphones of course because it's a repetitive racket

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    I finally got that monkey off my back...I finally made the video!! Here are some of my perfect pitch chord naming skills!!!

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    Recent articles:


    Auditory working memory predicts individual differences in absolute pitch learning

    I played music in high school with a guy who had perfect pitch. He never had any problem with out-of-tune pianos or guitars, etc. He adapted on the fly and was an incredible keyboard player. I'd ask him about it from time to time, as we'd play at various venues that would supply their own piano or electronic keyboard (the good old days lugging around a Hammond B3 and leslie!) and he'd just shrug and say it was no big deal.

    All this stuff about people being "tortured with perfect pitch"...sounds like urban myth mixed with a good helping of drama queen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob taft View Post
    Dylan Beato vs. Jason Sioco - A Perfect Pitch showdown!!!

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    Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch Update - August 3, 2019 - I haven't been on this website for days because my room is being renovated. My ear training and practice routine is out of wack right now, because I don't have a proper place to practice and a proper internet connection. Our house is big, so most areas in our home don't have any internet available. I have unlimited data on my phone, but I prefer inputting threads thru my laptop in my room. However, not having the proper practice habitat didn't deter my productivity at all. I was able to manage to practice guitar and jazz piano for 5 straight days (this week Monday to Friday) I was able to transcribe the melody and chord progressions of the following songs for 5 days...

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    You can set up most phones to be wifi hotspots to which your laptop can connect. I do that all the time. At least it's easy with Android phones, no idea about Apple products.

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    Perfect Pitch Update - August 8, 2019 - I was finally able to get rid of those nasty sound glitches in my videos. Instead of posting comments about my ear training practice, I will post a video screen of me training my ear. The only stuff that I still won't post publicly are my transcribing sessions. Because my transcription process involves a lot of trial and error and everything of the process is mostly error. I am able to figure out the puzzle eventually, but I would be posting the video on youtube, where I don't get a lot of respect on that website. When Youtube was still a brand new advent, the video uploads were built for laymen like us. Today youtube is business and revenue oriented. Giving laypeople like me no chance of getting views. Most of my videos on Youtube are real Perfect Pitch videos, yet they don't show up on the mainstream search engine if you type "perfect pitch". What you mostly see are clips from the pitch perfect movie, baseball pitching, business and other ridiculous things like that. Youtube doesn't respect my channel to the point that they put my videos on another category, despite placing the appropriate title and tags, giving me no chance to get views...Don't worry, I am like a train, I will just keep going and going. Until youtube places my perfect pitch videos on the right category and search engine, where it should be. FUCK YOUTUBE!!!

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    Perfect Pitch Update - August 16, 2019 - I am progressing really well with naming harmonic intervals by absolute pitch. A day will come that the 2 note harmonic intervals will turn to 5, 6 ,7, 10 note chords. Would that be considered Perfect Pitch? It should be, what else could it be?

    Also the renovation of my room is almost done. I am crossing my fingers that it will be done during this weekend. I mention that because I can finally show how I practice my transcriptions by ear via video screen. Not only that my sister purchased at Amazon an Ipad tripod, so I have Youtube videos of me playing my instruments.