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    Quote Originally Posted by DonEsteban View Post
    No offense, but you seem to be in the wrong forum. This forum is about music, especially about playing jazz music - typically with a guitar.

    You seem to be more interested in athletics. There should be more appropriate forums out there.

    To bad having perfect pitch can't pay your bills

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    Quote Originally Posted by lammie200 View Post
    So far I see that the OP plays bass in church and has had 5 years of jazz piano courses. I may be wrong but I didn't see anything about guitar. BTW, if you are going to play upright bass or a Jaco bass, you probably need a decent sense of relative pitch. There are no freakin' frets!
    March 24, 2019 - Last week was 35 this week it went up to 45 chord voicings. I haven't faced adversity in my PP experimentation yet. However, I am starting to run out of distinct chord voicings and have to face the dreaded semitone root notes, such as distinguishing between a G voicing and an Ab voicing. I don't know how I'll do, but it might be my first learning curb and if I succeed with it, hearing the note of a toilet flushing is not that far behind.

    I am getting some funny posts that I don't play guitar and that I am in the wrong forum. When I signed up in this forum years ago, I was studying jazz guitar with Roy Patterson at York University. Today, I am taking metal guitar lessons via Skype with Scott Marano. I am an avid guitar player. I not only collect chord voicings but I also try to learn a lot of guitar pieces as possible. When it comes to guitar, I believe in learning something new every single day i.e. new lick, new solo, new riff etc. I believe that the more repertoire I learn, the easier the next song will be to master. It just so happens this post is about Perfect Pitch.

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