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    looking for the best tracking midi guitar for GP7?

    I’ve tried various midi guitar controllers and related mac software! I’ve even heard the inexpensive YouRockGuitar is ok for tracking ? What is the most accurate midi guitar for composing by playing fingerstyle guitar high-up into the higher frets? I don’t mind if the midi guitar just has buttons for strings! Like the YRG vr2. I own GP7.5 for tabs. I’m just God awful slow in doing tabs manually

    I love to compose original fingerstyle guitar arrangements but my tab notation skills make me yearn to buy the best midi guitar I can find!
    Thanks for any help in the right direction you can give.

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    buttons may be best. most midi guitars are too glitchy for transcription use, pitch-to-midi conversion is slow and messy.

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    computer with fast procesor,good quality sound card,good soft with midi tracks and ofcourse midi converter...are all important.
    ...for better resultats with work over music guitar notations.

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    Best I have had [and still have somewhere] was a Passac Sentient Six
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    To: TheLostBoss
    I'm looking for something 2019 current that tracks polyphonically.
    From those words: Passac "Sentient Six" it led me to many links to what I am searching ! Thanks!

    To: Kris:
    computer with fast procesor,good quality sound card,good soft with midi tracks and ofcourse midi converter"

    Good point, I have all listed what you mentioned: I have a current iMac with a lot of ram etc. I have
    Fishman Triple Play. which a lot of musicians rave about but just too clichy. And being that my primary
    guitar is acoustic I found that the pickup on the TPG and it's black pick that fits next to the bridge just wasn't good enough and it's pick ups were not spread out under all 6 strings.

    "buttons may be best. most midi guitars are too glitchy for transcription use, pitch-to-midi conversion is slow and messy".

    Thanks Ronjazz for that sentence!! I am really thinking of buying a YouRockGuitar vr. 2 even if it just has buttons. But still trying to find musicians online that bought it and posted their experience with it using
    GP 7.5. Especially polyphonically with a fingerpicking technique !

    Because there are plenty of midi guitarists that pick up the sound monophonically, record it and sounds outstanding but I see very little online videos that video tape fingerpicking and using Guitar Pro 7.5 while doing fingerstyle.

    I've heard Jam Origin's Midi Guitar 2 and I think there is an update that just came out today. It is supposed to track ok. But the excitement about it seems to be more about how it makes great midi sounds on an electric guitar etc. Still not sure about it though. But it has been given a lot of praise for sure! Jam Origin's Midi Guitar 2 doesn't seem like it would track midi to tabs as good as YRG 2.

    I just hate to buy stuff then find out it doesn't work. I heard a lot of compliments about Fishman's Triple Play
    and that one person I think is named "Ben Morris" a guitar builder who actually stated he made Fishman's controller fit on the end of his Martian acoustic where he made the black bracket slide into the guitar strap pin by removing the cork that was glued around the slot-channel that fit around the medal bracket guitar strap.

    It is amazing to me all the things that are out there. But nothing to my knowledge that even works 3/4 of the time. That tracks with accuracy up to the end of the fret board with GP 7.5 which would allow to tab-notate correctly while playing in a fingerpicking style ! I am more that willing to do tweaking but I just don't won't to
    do it to the point of having (hardware or software-midi) not do their job to a reasonable extent.

    Thanks for the posts, I really appreciate it a-lot !

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