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    Herb Ellis - It Might As Well Be Spring.

    Really nice treatment from Herb. Link to song below.

    Edit: added a lead sheet for the song if anyone wants to play the chord changes.

    IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING INTERACTIVE TAB by Herb Ellis @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
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    Herb Ellis used to play regularly at a club in Annapolis during the late 70s and early 80s.

    Sometimes with Charlie Byrd and Barney Kessel while other times with his own trio.

    Herb was always a pleasure to hear and would usually play some chord melody solo arrangements by himself each set that were always outstanding!

    Steven Herron
    Herb Ellis Tabs - Guitar Solos, Tab Books, Instruction DVDs + Video Lessons

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    If anyone is interested, I'd like to ask some help/opinion on one line.

    @1:50 in the video which is bars 28 and 29 on my transcription, I was really unsure how Herb plays this. Especially the two double hammer on's at the start of bar 29. It seems really unnatural (for me anyways)to play it this way, but the other fingering would be at the 15th fret on the G and B strings which I'd think would be pretty difficult on a typical jazz guitar.

    Any thoughts here?

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    Thanks for posting this!

    woodshed time!!

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