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    Hi everybody,

    being a big fan of Julian Lage, i've made a transcription of his song Nocturne from
    the album Arclight.

    Click here to find PDF with notes+tabs:
    Nocturne - Note For Note

    Hope you enjoy!

    Update: Had to close this link due to spam. If you like to have the transcription just PM me.
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    Marcus - you just made my day! Julian's version is so damn beautiful! I only happened upon him recently and watching him play and seeing his joy and passion for playing is such a wonderful experience!
    Thanks a lot!

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    Well done. Impressive! Downloaded.

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    Thanks for posting this!
    There are other videos from that gig as well, great playing!!

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    Would have loved to be at that one!

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    Thank you so much for the transcription and introducing me to this guy and this tune- wow- I am now obsessed with learning this and listening to more of his work)


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    Thank you Marcus!

    I imagine that Metheny loves this tune.

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    thank you, Marcus

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    Damn it! I've been hearing this tune in my head now for 24 hours now.

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    Thanks for all the nice comments everybody, you made my day!

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    Thank you...very generous!

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    Happy 2018 everybody!

    Can't wait for that one:

    New Julian Lage album is coming!

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    And Julian is coming to Germany, too - I'm going to catch him in Dortmund on Jan 20th. Can't wait!

    BW Marcus, I listened to your albums. Great stuff, hope to meet you some day when I'm in Berlin. Happy New Year to y'all!

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    I saw him and fred hersch play...holy moly... they were enlightening... i like his playing.. we had a 30 minute convo afterward.. very insightful... i did a transcription of butler 233 last year.



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    Its also worth noting im really not too hip to modern players. Someone told me abt. the aformentioned concert and i think i payed 6 dollars to get in...i mostly transcribe solos from old records... bird, diz, etc.

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    The new album Modern Lore is killing!

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    Here's a Soundslice transcription I made last week of a beautiful acoustic intro Julian played as a sideman on a album by violinist Ben Powell.


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    Wow, that video is amazing. A great trio, and Julian is ridiculously good, completely able to articulate his emotions. Another planet.

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    Great example of right hand dynamics to control distortion on amp....clean to grit just by right hand pedal dancing

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    I'm going to catch him at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, 13th July! Can't wait!

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    I saw him 2 weeks ago at the Bimhuis Amsterdam, ridiculously good...

    If you like you can listen to the whole concert here:

    Have a great week-end!

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    Thanks for that transcription, Marcus. Not much of JL's invention x velocity is reachable via my skillset, but Nocturne is, and I'm getting to work on it this weekend thanks to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcus Klossek
    Happy 2018 everybody!

    Can't wait for that one:

    New Julian Lage album is coming!
    Anyone with a transcription of Roger the dodger?

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    Found this Youtube video:

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    oh yea