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    This was released several years ago by a band called "Nobresil", which is a play on words in Portuguese.

    The married couple, vocalist Mari Nobre and bassist Leo Nobre, blended their surname with 'Brasil' which is the Portuguese spelling of Brazil, and "no" in Portuguese is not like Spanish, where 'no' means the same in English, but in Portuguese, it means 'in'. so,

    No Brasil (in Brazil) = Nobresil. Later, they dropped the name, probably because most folks won't recognize the contraction.

    Anyway, the song is entitled 'Gosto De Voce" (GOESHToh gee vohSAY) which translates as 'I like you'..

    Vocalist, Mari Nobre
    Bassist, Leo Nobre
    Sax Scott Mayo
    Percussion Gibi Dossantos
    Pandeiro Carlinho Pandeiro De Ouro
    Piano Otmaro Ruiz
    Guitar Kleber Jorge

    I don't know the musicians, but they are top L.A session guys, and with the exception of Mari (from Italy) Scott (America), they are all from Brazil. and, of course, friends of Mari and Leo. Leo used to play with Sergio Mendes. Scott has played with all sorts of famous folks and I am honored that these caliber of musicians took it upon themselves to record my song.

    In Brazil, they use a strange instrument called the 'Cuica" (koo-EE-kah) which sounds like a parrot chirping or perhaps a small dog whining/crying. It might sound odd, if you are not familiar with brazilian music.

    "Gosto De Voce".

    Portuguese Lyrics by Mari, music by yours truly.

    From the CD 'Original'

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    Love it.

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    Nice tune

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    I should have been born in Brasil, and still have a strong passion for Brasilian music!

    That’s a fabulous tune. It’s a pity the band didn’t stretch out to make it even longer.

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    thanks everyone, for the feedback.