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View Poll Results: Do you constantly hear music playing in your head?

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  • Yes, only music I've heard before

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  • Yes, both my own musical ideas and music I've heard before

    49 71.01%
  • Yes, only my musical ideas

    1 1.45%
  • No

    15 21.74%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greywolf
    Mediation can take many forms and Music is one, building instruments is another. I always teach my music students about the "sanctity of the note" , to me that is the essence of why you can identify the Masters in a note or two ....
    One of my favorite forms of musical meditation is to put on a drone and just play a note or two against it, focusing on just making a beautiful sound.

    I have a tanpura app on my phone that's just perfect for this.

    It's also wonderful for non-meditative practice of scales and modes. You can really hear the sound of a particular scale when it's placed against a drone...but that's a different conversation for a different day.


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    You see, you've all lapsed back into contentment... you don't question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1
    You see, you've all lapsed back into contentment... you don't question!
    I haven’t. I want cake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevebol
    Dammit, man. I didn't even have to click on it and it's stuck in my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    Dammit, man. I didn't even have to click on it and it's stuck in my head.
    Haha. It's the lyrics. What a great story.

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    Question for a Friday: what is Naatu?

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    Yes I do, and it's really annoying because I can't hear the voices in my head, and I keep missing important instructions.

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    I often hear music playing in my head, which inspires me; sometimes to just sing. My real affliction is that for me, there is no such thing as background music. When I hear music, I tend to not listen to who I'm with and soak in the music. I don't dare play music while I'm trying to do accurate work.

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    Only in an elevator :-)

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    Daily, sometimes random things or an ear worm I recently heard, but most often they’re tunes I been working on. It’s to the point that the Mrs. can tell!

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    Always, for the past 5 decades.

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    Last night I dreamt I was singing ATTYA. In tune.

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    I only hear it when I choose to, but it's always there.

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    Not when I take my daily 4 mile hike. It took me a few years to get to a meditation type state while walking, where one shut out "internal dialog" and just takes in what is around them.

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    Once I posed that question to my bassist friend, .... who, btw, is the best bass player I know, anybody who ever heard him immediately wanted him in band and so on ... his response was: "I never hear anything in my head, it's only when I take bass I just know what to play.

    Truly remarkable player. Once he played some wedding, got so drunk that he could not keep standing. So, he was sitting/ lying on the floor, back leaned on amp, still drinking beer with bottle in his right hand, playing bass only by left hand taping, sounding perfect, not missing a beat ... If you believe it, with silence in his head.

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    Sorry I haven't had time to read all responses.

    Yes I hear music in my head pretty much every waking hour. Some of it is stuff I play on the car stereo or off my iPhone at home. Occasionally it's stuff I play on guitar. Otherwise it's just semi-random songs I have heard over the years.

    For instance, I saw a thread title Darn That Dream, so guess what I'm replaying in my head right now.

    If I ever subconsciously don't think of music, I start to notice my tinnitus a lot more. So it's kind of a choice--listen to music that isn't there or listen to a very high C note droning continuously. (Or maybe the voices in my head, but let's not digress for now.)

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    Keeping one's head filled to the brim with music can prevent incursions of political rhetoric from Democrats (Liberals) and Republicans (Conservatives). However, an occasional tune-up is recommended.

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    It's normal for me. A lot of musician experience this, and try to basically harness it and use it to help them be creative and become better artists/players.

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    I’m so relieved I’m not the only one.
    when I was younger and in trouble I got sent to a therapist and he asked if music got stuck in my head. I never thought it was abnormal. I never cared except when it’s a bad tune stuck rolling around my brain.

    I knew I wasn’t crazy. lol