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    I have an acoustic guitar album coming out on Feb 25, in both digital and physical CD format. We did three singles from it, so here are some videos for them. Some tunes on the album have jazz elements and harmony, but as a whole it is pretty simple, acoustic music, inspired from the time i spent in the country during the quarantines of last year. No cars,no people, no other musicians, and bebop harmony fades away... But also, this is how i enjoy playing acoustic guitar, as a simple and very consonant instrument. Thanks for listening!

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    Outstanding guitar music in an excellent performance.
    A beautiful-sounding guitar in the hands of a professional musician.
    It's fun to hear and it's fun to watch.

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    Nice! It's great to hear someone with such a personal voice and comfortable relationship with the instrument.
    Did you use a specific tuning throughout or do you use different tunings?
    How much multitracking overdubbing did you have? It sounds really integrated. Nice job on the recording engineering too!
    I like how you have a nice feeling of movement up and down the neck; it's one of the inspiring things about open tunings, the lyricism of an instrument that has such a strong harmonic consistency to it.
    Thanks for posting these! And congratulations on a nice project!

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    Thank you. All the tunes are basically two guitars, no other overdubs. I recorded the rhythm guitar, then i played the lead guitar, melody-solo-melody on top of it. Did two takes on most of the tunes, and chose the best ones. It's a lot easier for me to record the same way i would play the music live, rather than stop and do it part to part. I also like the honesty of a recording being a 'place in time', a picture of the music played.

    It's a really good studio, that affords you the luxury of matching the room, setup, and guitars. The recording engineer is great too. We used a couple of vintage neumann mics for the project, very minimal effects, and mixed the album on a great sounding analog SSL mixing console.

    It was played on a Taylor 512 and a Taylor 810. Mostly standard tuning, but also some drop D and Dadgad for the rhythm parts on a couple of tunes. I chose not to use a pick, but play with fingers and thumb, using a kind of snapping technique that involves a lot of legato playing, and mostly thumb and index, which is a very important factor of how the playing ends up sounding.

    Personally, i hear this music as lyrical, or trying to be that at least. That's what the acoustic guitar is to me, i enjoy listening to everybody, but when i play, it ends up being very melodic and minimal, cause the acoustic guitar kind of makes you listen! The beautiful sound of a great instrument, the overtones, how the notes blend together and decay! All these things a grant piano can easily do, but they are a luxury to hear on a guitar. So this album is partly that, and partly just the honesty of living in the country for a year, no gigs, not many people around, lots of hiking and climbing in forests and mountains. Silence, space, slow time, .. and the sound of nature..

    My acoustic guitar album is out!-01-jpg
    My acoustic guitar album is out!-screenshot-60-png

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    Very nice work!

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    "I hear this music as lyrical, or trying to be that at least"
    And a fantastic success. Such lovely music!

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    I had already heard the first one in another thread. These are some pleasant folk blues tunes and what I enjoy most is the lyricism in your playing, it has a very human quality to it. When I see these bucolic videos I always think ha, that's bear country.

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    Rather than post a new thread, i changed the title, since today my album got published on most online platforms. We're doing physical CDs as well, but probably they 'll be a couple weeks late cause of covid things.. Here's another video from the first track of the album, you can hear all of it by clicking the link below, which should open most digital platforms to choose from. Thanks again for listening!!

    Songs for Acoustic Guitar • Out Now

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    Just superb listening. Played on Spotify.

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    Good luck on your album, Alter!

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    Superb! Love it.

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    We 've played a few small gigs supporting the album, with a friend guitarist, Yiorgos Limakis. The live set is getting along, we 're playing a couple of festivals in the summer, and see where the new season takes us (summer season is tourist season in Greece, so lots of relative gigs and not much time for the duet now). The album is two acoustic guitars, but we play most tunes on acoustic and classical live, as I think the acoustic balance of these works in favor of the music.

    Here's one tune live, called "For my Father", from one gig that i had recorded and did a few videos. It's so easy to record two guitars live, i just took the direct outs from the two amps, panned them hard left and right into a zoom h1 audio recorder, then mixed them a bit on reaper and added them to the videos. I think the sound turned out alright for my limited mixing knowledge and time i put into it!

    There's actually most of the gig in this playlist of this video, will add the last tunes the next couple of days!

    Leventopoulos Acoustic Project @ Spiti Art Bar Mar 2022 - YouTube