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    Born in a Nowhere Town
    Words & Music by Mark Rhodes
    © 30 September 2021

    I was born in a nowhere town
    Nowhere to go, nowhere to look butdown;
    Best friend's girl became my girl
    I learned the wicked ways of a wickedworld.

    Nowhere Town: Just can't stay
    Nowhere Town: you can't get away
    Nowhere Town: Scars run deep
    Nowhere Town: The wound you keep.

    A two-block strip kids cruise allFriday night
    If the cops don't steal your beer,
    Carly Sue might treat you right.

    Went to work in my uncle's store
    He paid too little, I paid myself awhole lot more;
    First night in jail was not so bad
    Broke the heart of my mom, broke theheart of my dad.


    Carly Sue said the baby's mine, allright
    Had to get myself a real job
    She didn't care that I worked nights.

    A uniform says a lot around here
    It's not all good but it's loud andclear;
    Daughter might grow up and leavesomeday
    Had my chance, l watched it slip away.


    A two block strip kids cruise allFriday night
    Now I'm the one who steals the beer
    And Carly Sue's far out of sight.


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    I like the lyrics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevebol
    I like the lyrics.
    Thanks, Steve.

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    Nice job, Mark. Well done!