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    I thought both guitars sound excellent, but I preferred the Ibanez on both recordings, to my ears it had a bit more of ... hard to describe, that kind of click/punch/note bloom that comes with a good jazz guitar recording.

    It's a classic dilemma, go semi or full hollow. When playing live the bands and venues usually answer the question, if it's loud playing and not an optimal stage I go semi hollow. So I would take into account any live performances of the music to come.

    I would also consider the stylistic aspect, meaning what kind of sound and more important playing are you going after, that of a semi or that of a full hollow guitar?

    Also on a recording session or project I enjoy consistency, so the material gets to sound a bit more coherent, and more of a project than just different pieces. So if I can do it with just one guitar and type of sound I go after that.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Like the Guild even better, but it is really close and the choice is a practical one dealing largely with environmental factors/volume needs. Semi-hollows were invented for good reasons.

    Still can't beat the old-school tone of the Guild and the Ampeg!

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    The Guild sounds much better in the second set of videos but I still prefer the Ibanez. :-)