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    Dear friends of Jazzguitar,

    I would really enjoy your feedback on this composition of mine. I tried to mix Classical influences with some Jazz harmony.

    Have a great day everyone and stay safe!


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    Hi, just passing through and saw this and checked it out quickly. Seems very interesting and I will listen properly later.
    My influences are similar and you can hear a demo in the thread below this one. I was going to start a project with some local musicians then covid struck.

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    wonderful fingerstyle playing on "Every Time"! Beautiful stuff, it is going in the same direction (people would say music for movies ) Looking forward to your Feedback!

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    Your piece just goes to show how important it is to bounce off other musicians to get the arrangement right. I'm really drawn to ostinato in composition (and finding ways to play off it), and yours works very nicely here, along with the general dynamics. You also take a suite approach, also close to my heart. I think the guitar is underrated as a compositional instrument. Good stuff!

    Por cierto, seguro que el Canal de Miramontes es muy bonito (o muy lindo, como dicen algunos por esos lares)!

    PS thanks a lot for your appreciation of my tune!
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    Miramontes sounds great - imho it's a beautiful composition - the recording/mixing and video quality are all very good, and the playing, too! I enjoyed the composition.

    I noticed you also published the score - that's a great idea! Do you have an thoughts on Gumroad and publishing scores/arrangements, etc?

    I appreciate how you created different sections (like Peter C stated) - though I am curious what your thought process was for not including an improv section?

    Or if you did include improv, I didn't realize it!

    I guess that would be one thing I would have loved to have heard - maybe an improv section (or sections) between parts (maybe) as a segway (for lack of a better word) the different parts together?

    And as a listener, I would love to know if the different parts to your composition have names, etc, too?

    One last question - I loved the chill, lush vibes of the tune, but I also am used to songs with a more "standard" theme, climax, resolution vibe - I can understand why you may have decided to eschew that framework - I like the very chill, lush vibes, too! I'm assuming you purposely chose to keep a very mellow vibe?

    Of course, all in my humble opinion! Sounds great and you and Peter C have inspired me to submit my own composition, though I wouldn't really say it's jazz, though it's somewhere in the vicinity ... thanks!