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    I want to introduce my first compositions. Little Bear . I composed it now
    Here the link
    Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

    I mean it's not my first , i have others but they are classical / academic.
    I hope Is jazz lol cause if it's not I'm done with jazz and will focus on classical music
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hey fingernylon. To me it’s very jazz!
    of course you bring your knowledge of classical into the mix, just like Charlie Parker referenced Bach’s Cello Suites.
    What you played on this Vocaroo sounds like gypsy jazz. It’s got jazz, it’s got Parisian Musette, Swing jazz and a bit of bebop in it.

    sounds very musical to me.
    I think you play with great timing and a wonderful sense of melody and -especially- embellishment.

    great stuff.

    Maybe the lack of accompaniment, piano or,guitar, bass and drums disorients some people. But to my ears, I clearly hear a nice chord progression.

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    Your melody reminds me of Choro, a style I love. I don’t call it jazz, but there’s a strong linkage.

    Here’s ChoroLoco — A Seattle band I like. I had a couple of opportunities for hallway jams with these guys, which was quite a challenge for me given the tempos and complexity of the charts.